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    Hello everyone. Not sure if this should go in electric or upright forum or which one anyway so feel free to move in needed.

    So my old music director contacted me via my gf who is a senior in HS about playing the upright for the high school musical which this year is The Music Man. (I might be the only bass player in our town who can read sheetmusic and he dosnt like synth bass) He said some of the songs would be on upright and then others would be on electric. However it has been 2 years since I played regularly and practiced back when I was in jazz band in HS, and even then I could barely play upright as I self taught myself so I could play like 3 songs at our last concert.

    My question is, how difficult will this music be to play? I was fairly profficient on electric before and had played bass in two other musicals. I played a song called Leapfrog if any of you are familiar with it on upright. I am just trying to get an idea of it the music is going to be very difficult before I make a decision to accept.

    As is it is very unusual for a non student to participate. Only students participate from lights sound everything once the show has started. The only time anyone else ever has was when our beast in beauty and the beast lost his voice after our like 5th show that week and making the genious idea to scream when his band performed at the cast party. In hinsight, casting a smoker as a lead probably wasnt the best idea....

    So, scale of 1 to 10 how difficult is this music gonna be to play for a newbie on upright or a good player on electric? I am assuming odd keys?
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    Music Man is not a difficult show. Some songs will be harder than others, but mostly because of tempo, not necessarily note technique. You WILL need to be familiar with ALL your scales, and that's pretty much true for any musical score. The real truth of the matter is that you can play the whole show on electric and it won't make that much difference, if any. Playing with upright 'might' be the correct thing to do in terms of sound, but playing out of tune and out of tempo (time) is never correct and tone will not carry the day over those problems. So, if you are more comfortable with electric, use that. Roll off a bit of the treble and keep your volume in line with the other instruments. In music theater you're supporting the sound of the whole ensemble NOT driving the band like you would be in a pop/rock or jazz setting.