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The musical personality -- a survey of musicians playing Ozzfest

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by oniman7, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. So, I was using stumbleUpon the other day and I selected music as one of the categories I wanted to see. I happen to come across this article that describes the musician's personality. Apparently the person who did the study interviewed a bunch of musicians who played Ozzfest and asked them questions about their personality. They divided personality into three categories, of which most non-musicians exhibit one trait on either end of the spectrum (for example, they're introverted or extroverted). The other traits are sensitivity/openness and energy/rest. According to the article, while most normal people display one or the other, musicians can and frequently do exhibit both at the same time. here are some bulletpoints.

    1. I don't enjoy much physical activity, so no.
    2. This is me in a nutshell. That's the most frequent thing people comment on about me. Yes.
    3. This is also very common for me. A lot of people feel I'm hard to approach, but friends will tell me anything at any time. yes.
    4. While I'm inherently introverted, there are times where I flip and become the most outgoing person in a room like this. yes.
    5. Very often, yes.

    Total score: 4/5

    1 I've never been on stage, but I do know the feeling of heightened sensitivity in those situations, and of being able to zone out while playing. yes.
    2. I've always had unusual perceptions, and music for me is nothing but expression (or catharsis, which I find is self-expression) yes.
    3. Yes. My band has agreed that we won't be shy to play when we come up with new parts or attempt to sing when we think we've come up with a new line.
    4. I daydream and fantasize a ton. Yes.
    Total score: 8/9

    If you all would like to try and see what your "musician score" is, that could be fun. I might include a poll if we get a good enough response. Otherwise, I thought that would be a fun read.
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