The mysteries of the Fender BXR115 (made in USA)

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  1. hi all,
    for the very first time, I could not find the piece of info I was looking for, so I'm posting a new thread.
    A few months ago, I bought a Fender BXR 115 Cab (150W/8Ohm), one of those made in USA.
    I'm pretty happy with the sound, vintage, with a nice deep end, but rich in overtones. Much more that the Ashdown 410T, which I got rid of.
    Long story short, I was looking inside of this Cab. I discovered that there is no crossover, whatsoever. And the 2 Tweeters lack the magnet. please have a look at the pictures.
    I'm not saying that they do not work -they do work and pretty well- but that I have no clue how it is possible that they work!
    I hope someone here is able to solve these mysteries. I forgot to mention -but it's pretty obvious- that I could not find any detailed info about this Cab in the web.
    Thanks in advance!

    Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 15.36.23.jpg Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 15.36.30.jpg
  2. Interesting! From my own googling, I'm pretty sure it's just that piezo tweeters don't have a magnet—they have crystals that bend depending on voltage.
    Tweeter - Wikipedia

    And it seems like the wisdom is that you totally don't need a crossover with a piezo tweeter—unless you, maybe for some reason, want it to sound good.
    piezoelectric tweeters with crossovers.

    I have a BXR 4x10 (no tweeter) from that era that really surprised me in terms of tone. I picked it up for something like $60 (4 or 5 years ago), and I was going to just use it temporarily and/or turn it into a cat tower or something. But I actually like it. I wound up replacing the speakers and adding some batting, but the stock speakers were working surprisingly well for me. I think it's only like 50 or 60 lbs (not light exactly, but no hunk of heavy mdf).
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    Those are piezo tweeters, and when chosen well among with a suitable low frequency driver can work quite well.
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  4. thanks a lot guys. I saw the piezo tweeter on wiki, but superficially I thought it was a relative new entry, and not something that was in use in the 80s-90s...
    Concerning the quality, this Cab is built with multilayer marine plywood, something that you do not see often in budget cabinets.
    I paid it 70€, which is fair enough even for using as a cat tower (considering the price that those things currently have... crazy), but very little for the sound that comes out. Now I'm coupling it with another BXR115B, this time MIM. I hope I won't be disappointed (I'm picking it up tomorrow)
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