The mystery revealed: What is 'brazilwood'?

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  1. I don't know why I never thought of it before, with all the time I've spent around instruments and various forms of woodworking, but I just realized there's no such wood as this 'brazilwood' stuff. At least as far as I can tell; so what gives? Is brazilwood just some one-name-fits-all for less expensive, possible unidentifyable hardwoods that bows can be made from? Or am I just crazy, and I can walk down to my local woodcrafters shop and buy a few board feet of high grade brazilwood... :D
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    toman, I find myself in the same boat. Been around woodworking forever and I had never heard of "brazilwood" until I started hanging around the bowed instrument world.

    This from

    The thing seems to be the genus Caesalpinia. Related woods from the same genus are bonduc, brazilian ironwood, peachwood, pernambuco. I think also the brazilnut (the filbert, also formerly known by a nasty old racist name I won't repeat here) comes from a tree of this genus.

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