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The NAMM Stingray!!!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by joel the bass player, Feb 16, 2001.

  1. The guitar store where I take my lessons got one of the special edition 100th Aniversery Namm Stingray. I love that silver, and the string through body. It had a Status graphite neck on it, and the thing sounded amazing. During my lesson one of the employees of the store was playing on it and I knew that I had to get my hands on it. It felt good, just what I want in a bass. The price of the bass was $1899.00. I wasnt sure, but I was wondering if this price ws fair. They only made 100 of them so that has some effect too...Any one else try one or think it is a good deal? It is soo cool!!!!:)
  2. Jim, the usual selling price for a Stingray is
    about $1,400.00 by the tmie you're talking case
    and tax. Since they only made 100, you're buying
    a collector's item. Is it worth it? That's in the
    eye of the beholder. By the way, I saw a new Stingray(probably a demo) in the window of Matt
    Umanov Music(Bleeker St., N.Y.C) for $985.00
    case included. Blue with a maple neck. That is a
    steal. If you can't get this bass out of your mind, I'd say buy it.

    Mike J.
  3. Definately. I love Stingrays and I would love to have a bass that was as unique as that. Plus it's only a few hundred more dollars than a regular one that will definately have kick ass resale value. Go for it before someone else does!
  4. I don't think StingRay 4s cost that much. I was able to buy my Sting 5 new for $1085 at Veneman in Rockville (now GC). I see Sting 4s all the time for about $1,000...

    It still might be worth it, because only 100 were made...a lot fewer than the Anniversary StingRay from a few years back.

    I wouldn't buy it as a collector's piece unless that's how your going to treat it. If you're going to play it, then you need to decide whether the color, the graphite neck, and the thru body is worth it.

    You could get a Modulus 4 string for that much if graphite were it for you.

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