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  1. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    i am a big fan of Spector basses. the only thing i don't liked is the weight. i used to have a Czech 5 string that sounded awesome. surfing their site i have seen that now they have the new european serie. these basses have aguilar preamp and EMG HZ pickups while the bass i had (it was labelled SSD) was equipped with EMG pickups and EMG preamp. is this change a real improvement or is this a cost sutting move? i mean they use a "better" preamp with "worse" pickups? or am i wrong? can you tell me your opinion?
  2. Only the new bolt on Europe Series Spector (the "Rebop") has the "HZ" passive EMG pickups. The neck through still has the active EMG pickups.
    Both the bolt on and the neck through Czech basses include the 18 volt Aguilar preamp which many feel is an improvement over the 9 volt EMG BTS preamp.
    So in the case of the Europe Series neck through, it is not a cost cutting move at all. The Rebop (bolt on) is considerably less expensive so the HZ pickups keep the cost down on this more affordable Europe Series Spector.
  3. Nino Valenti

    Nino Valenti Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 2, 2001
    Staten Island NYC
    Builder: Valenti Basses
    The good thing about the new Re-Bop Chech basses id that they use an Aguilar pre amp & alder bodied (usually lighter than Maple). If you wanted to in the future, you could change the EMG-HZ's w/any number of pickups, EMG J, P, DC, or CS pickups (Entended series/soapbar casing) Bartolinis & Duncans. I haven't played one yet so I can't say what the neck feels like.

    OTOH, The USA bolt on's are AWESOME!!!! Neck feels great, soounds reallll, realllllll good, the swamp ash ones are nice & light, & balance VERY WELL!!!!!
  4. Hmm...Nino, you've sparked my interest. I was going to buy a Czech Spector Neck-Thru in about 18 months time, but if the USA Bolt-On's are only a little more...

    Thing is, the Czech Spector is being touted as almost as good as the USA neck throughs...would it be better value for money for a student if I bought the Czech Neck-Thru, which has the same electronics as the USA bolt on, only different construction and a soapbar at the neck(I like soapbars better than J's)?

  5. Guess it depends on whether you want a bolt on neck or a neck thru!!!!

    I went the neck thru option and have not been disappointed (I had bolt on neck basses and a set neck already, wanted to see what neck thru was like - now I've got 2!!)
  6. There may be a bigger price difference in England compared to the US due to where the basses are made and your country's location in approximation to the US and the Czech Republic.

    [/i]Thing is, the Czech Spector is being touted as almost as good as the USA neck throughsThanks,

    I believe that statement to be true. If I were you, I would try both basses out before deciding which to buy.
  7. Good point Mr Dead, I think that the EC may still have an import duty on items made outside the EC - over and above the VAT and shipping costs! When I got my NS-5CR it was £1,300 - I don't know what the US bolt on ones were at the time though. Recently I found out that the USA Neck Thru were in the region of £3,000 or so over here!
  8. I have played the USA neck through's, only not side by side with a Czech. They were VERY nice, converted me totally to a Spectorphile. The Czech ones seemed better after playing that one...just gave me the Spector vibe, and nothing immediately lacking in the Czech jumped out at me. Only difference was £1700!

    Never played a Bolt-On USA. The CR5FM could be had for as little as £1000 here in Manchester at Xmas time, so with some careful bargaining I might be able to get one for £1200.
  9. I just wish that they did fretless European Spectors, 6 string European Spectors and maybe even the Holoflash finish on the European Spectors.

    Oooops. did I just spout my wishlist out loud??
  10. Perhaps you should e-mail Stuart Spector and suggest your "wish list" Maybe there is something in the works! E-mail Stuart at [email protected]
  11. I like that black Re-Bop on the website. Too bad you can't get the inlays on the neck without going to a stain finish.

    The website shows that model listing for $1299. Anyone have an idea of what a street price might be? What do these things sound like?
  12. As far as I know, the "crown" inlays aren't available on the Rebop at all. I could be wrong.
    Even though they sell for a tad over $1000 at Musician's Friend. They can be had for $900-$950 out the door, tax included with a little negotiation. The stores will try and inflate the price a bit since they're a new model.
  13. Thanks for the info. They're $980 at MF, so I'm sure they can be had cheaper.

    What do they sound like?
  14. I haven't seen one at a store yet so I haven't tried them, therefore, I can't comment on their sound, feel etc. Being that I own 3 neck through Czech Spectors, I can only give my opinion on the neck through for now. I'm sure they're very good quality, just how good, not sure.
  15. Slater

    Slater Leave that thing alone.

    Apr 17, 2000
    The Great Lakes State
  16. Thanks for the link. I read through that thread yesterday, but it didn't really help me out, since you didn't really describe the sound. All you really said is that it doesn't sound like other Spectors, but I don't know what a regular Spector sounds like in the first place.

    Are there any other basses or general tones that you can compare it to?

    I appreciate the help.
  17. Spector basses have a sound of their own. If you can download any songs from the following recordings then you can hear what they sound like.

    Alice In Chains-Dirt
    Queensryche-Operation Mindcrime
    Tantric-Self Titled
    Motley Crue-Dr. Feelgood

    There are many more recordings that feature Spector basses but these are some really good examples. Of the above listed bands, Tantric seems to have the bass mixed a bit lower than the others in their recording. Try to listen to some tunes from all the recordings listed above to get the idea of how the Spector tone sounds!
  18. :confused:

    cant forget Rex brown of pantera...he uses ONLY spectors...go listen to:

    Far Beyonfd Driven: Becoming, 5 minutes alone, and im broken...hell...all the songs on that album

    this album has his best bass tone...there are many other great sounds on the other albums...check em out

    and another thing...the neckthrough euro spec now comes standard with the aguilar 18volt preamp in em...there more expensive, but hey...
  19. The reason iIdidn't mention Pantera is because other than when the bass sticks out during Dimebags solos, Rex's bass is hidden underneath 24 tracks of guitar tracks. It may not be that many tracks but you get the point. No bass can compete with the layering or rhythm guitar that Dimebag records. So I mentioned recordings where the bass is more audible
  20. alot of people say that but i sincerely cant understand why.....i can hear him just fine and i believe it totally complements panteras sound...
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