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The nut on my Yamaha BB G5 broke!

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by kevin nowhow, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. kevin nowhow

    kevin nowhow

    Jan 24, 2012
    Does anyone know the measurements for this 5-string bass' nut?I came up with 43mm width but i've found others stating 42.5mm, plus I have no clue as to the other measurements that need to be done & i don't wanna screw this up.I've already contacted Yamaha with no response as we speak.If i know what i'm looking for then i can buy the nut & give the bass to a luthier to fit it in.Thing is i'm in a hurry as i have rehearsals & recordings to attend.
    Thank you in advance!
  2. tkonbass

    tkonbass I'm just one of the out-of-focus guys. Supporting Member

    Mar 11, 2012
    Mobile, Alabama, USA
    Just bring it to your repair guy and let him provide the nut blank. It'll be the quickest option. You're over thinking it and wasting time trying to find this info. ;)
  3. JLS


    Sep 12, 2008
    Emeryville, Ca
    I setup & repair guitars & basses
  4. kevin nowhow

    kevin nowhow

    Jan 24, 2012
    I guess i will do that.Thanx for your time!