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The Official 2012 Vintage Guitar Price Guide Thread

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Johnny Alien, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. I got the new 2012 Vintage Guitar Price Guide so once again I will host a new thread on the subject. Post what bass you would like a price for and I will give it to you. Prices in the guide are for fair and excellent condition only so keep that in mind. Lots of the prices stayed the same but there is some fluctuation. One of the biggest shifts I saw was in the Fullerton reissues. They were underpriced in last years guide and they adjusted for that. I think now they might have it a bit high but it's definitely closer.

    Notice >> This is for supporting members only. I worked this out with the mods last year and they said these threads can stay as long as I keep it a courtesy for the supporting members. The policy is that only supporting members can post "what's it worth" threads and this falls into that category. So if you are not a supporting member and you think I am ignoring you......you are right. (Sidenote: becoming a supporting member here is cheap, cheap, cheap. Go ahead and take the plunge and then post in this thread. If you get a good price you can even sell it here then!)

    Notice 2 >> The last thread I did like this moved pretty quickly. I can keep up on nights and weekends so if it takes a little while just give me a little time. I will post eventually. :)

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