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The Official Mark Hoppus Signature Owners Club

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by NatalyPlaysBass, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Original Shell Pink

  2. Original Daphne Blue

  3. Original Surf Green

  4. Original Black

  5. Original White

  6. Newer White Blonde with reverse pups

  7. Newer Transparent Surf Green with reverse pups

  8. Newer Black with reverse pups

  1. I've searched for this club and was surprised to see that there isn't one yet. I know there's a lot of people on here who can't stand Mark Hoppus but I've seen a lot of people who own his bass. I personally love my Hoppus signature. I love the feel, the sound, and the lack of tone knob.

    I didn't make this club to start a war. I simply wanna see your guys' Hoppus bass :hyper: Post a picture! Tell us the year! Does it have any mods?

    Here's mine: 2003 all stock Daphne Blue

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  2. Can you get some pictures up of all these different colors/schemes?

    I think we need to see them all and maybe you posted a pic but I can't see it. Just a red X

    Hey how do you make colored text? I want to make the X red.

    Maybe this will work?


    anyway - get some pic's up here in this piece!


  3. mrjim123

    mrjim123 Supporting Member

    May 17, 2008
    Elkhart, IN
    The red X is my favorite model. Does that one come with the transparent, weightless, odorless and tasteless pick guard?
  4. Hmm that's strange, let me post it again... along with all his other basses.

    Older basses:


    mark pink.

    The pink one was a little more rare to find

    Specs for these guys:

    -Alder Jazz Bass Body
    -Maple Precision Bass Neck, Modern “C” Shape, (Satin Polyurethane Finish)
    -Rosewood, 9.5 inch Radius (241mm) Fingerboard
    -20 Medium Jumbo Frets
    -1 Seymour Duncan Basslines SPB-3 Quarter Pound Split-Coil Precision Bass Pickup
    -Volume Control
    -Pickup Switching: None
    -Standard Series Parts on American Series Bridge Plate (String-thru-body Configuration) - Bridge
    -Standard Machine Heads
    -Chrome Hardware
    -3-Ply Pickguard
    -34 inch (864 mm) Scale Length
    -1.625 inch (41.3 mm) Width at Nut
    -Unique Mark Hoppus Jazz Bass features include 1.625 inch Nut Width, Precision Bass Pickup in a Jazz Bass Body, One Piece Jazz Bass Pickguard
  5. Newer basses:



    Both are transparent... kinda hard to tell in the pictures


    -Body shape: Jazz bass
    -Body material: Ash
    -Neck: Maple, modern "C" shape
    -Neck finish: Gloss urethane
    -Fretboard: Rosewood
    -Fretboard radius: 9.5"
    -Frets: 20, medium jumbo
    -Scale length: 34"
    -Nut width: 1.625"
    -Truss rod nut: 3/16" adjustable hex nut
    -Hardware: Chrome
    -Tuning keys: Standard
    -Bridge: Standard series saddles and screws on an American series bridge plate (strings-thru-body configuration)
    -Pickup: Seymour Duncan Basslines SPB-3 Quarter Pound split-coil Precision Bass pickup reversed
    -Control knobs: Chrome knobs
    -Pickguard: 4-Ply
    -Unique Features at a Glance: 1.625" Nut width, reverse Seymour Duncan Basslines SPB-3 Quarter Pound split-coil Precision Bass pickup in a Jazz Bass body, 1-piece Jazz Bass pickguard
  6. doesent phalex use one?
  7. Folmeister

    Folmeister Knowledge is Good - Emile Faber Supporting Member

    May 7, 2003
    Tomball, Texas
    I'll try and get a pic up, but I have an original series shell pink that is my everyday practice bass. I added a Hipshot D-Tuner to mine and swapped out the original pickups with Sadowsky's. I really did not like the original Quarter-Pounders at all, but have to admit I really enjoy just about everything else about the bass.
  8. MarcMurder

    MarcMurder #IIAmerica

    Mar 9, 2010
    El Paso, Texas
    ...oh god.. this thread will make me buy one.. he is THE REASON i play bass, but i never got around to finding the one i wanted.

    warning: im extremely jealous of anyone who joins
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  9. I'd really like to own one of the Surf Green ones (transparent or not). I've always liked jazz bodies and love the sound of P pickups.. I'm interested as to how different the basses with the reversed pickup sound. Sound clips anyone?
  10. Wow! That sound nice! I want the shell pink so bad :( and I agree, it a very comfortable bass :)
  11. Same man. I started years and years ago because of him. Even back when he was playing a Stingray. His signature growls!! You should get it :)
  12. I'll look for them but from experience, I'd say the new reversed isn't as bright. The difference isn't too big though
  13. I have owned 2 of them, one of which was poorly stripped by the previous owner.

    There both gone, but I wouldnt mind having a newer one.
  14. Wheres the i hate hoppus button
  15. Joey3313


    Nov 28, 2003
    It's in the butthurt thread. First post, can't miss it.
  16. is that inside the talented musicians subforum cuz this sure isnt
  17. JavierFarias


    Feb 9, 2011
    Here's my orange Hoppus:

    I love this bass, but it is a little bit heavy :p
  18. sadasar


    Jan 21, 2012
    Dallas Texas.
    endorsing artist hard luck king guitars and knuckle head strings
    This gets a 2/10 on troll attempt.

    Anyway. This thread has made me start gasing over a p bass again.
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  19. That is awesome! I'm first in line if you ever sell it ;)
  20. Alright here's the club member list SO FAR. Come on people :) I know there's a lot of you out there that own this bass ;)

    #1 NatalyPlaysBass
    #2 Folmeister
    #3 mjac28
    #4 JavierFarias

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