The ones that got away...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Ballin'bass, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Ballin'bass


    Jun 16, 2014
    Madison, WI
    This has probably been done before but here goes...

    For most of us there's no forgetting our first bass, though we have moved on from what we originally played, on to bigger, better horizons. Nicer instruments, more strings, different pickups, etc.
    In that process a lot of us have bought and sold many instruments searching for the one(s) that really call(s) to us. And, undoubtedly, in that process, I imagine that many of you (like me) have accumulated a regret or two, having to do with giving up a bass you wish you'd held on to, in the name of getting something else you had your eye on.

    I know it might be painful but I want to know what your "truly regret getting rid of it" basses are, guys. Let's dig deep.

    Mine is a Tobias basic 5 string neckthru from the 90s that I used early on, before I knew the value of it (bought it for dirt cheap at a garage sale). Traded it for a Fender jazz, like an idiot. Man, that thing played smooth. Don't know what ever happened to it after that.

    Your turn!
  2. My two were Jerry Jones Longhorns, an early 90's version and a newer early 2000's. Sold the pair for 1000.00 to buy a Chapman NS Stick. The Chapman was a great instrument but not for me so I sold it for what I paid for it two years later. The kicker with the Longhorns was that Jerry Jones closed up shop the year after I sold the Longhorns and the prices went through the roof. Now they are about 1500.00 each give or take a couple hunderd.
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    Feb 10, 2016
    Michigan USA
    Mine was a early nineties Tobias Growler 5 string. Soft body with a big old wear mark over the E string. Bart's with 2 or 3 mid notch switches, there goes that memory again! Any how, great sounding and playing bass. I also missed out on a Moonstone flying V. Very exotic woods and inlays and stupid cheap but wasn't my cup of tea. Then there were a series of Kubicki's, Warwick's etc. Ah, regret, what a wonderful emotion.
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  4. Plake

    Plake Supporting Member

    Dec 20, 2010
    I had 2 Modulus Flea models. A 96 and a 97, both with Lane Poor p/u's. Sold them both to get some $ for closing cost. Sure wish I would have kept 1. :( Great to keep in the corner and just pick up to play. Stayed in tune so well.:banghead:
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  5. Ballin'bass


    Jun 16, 2014
    Madison, WI
    Dang dude. That is a loss. I wish I could have tried one of those basses back when they came with the Lane Poors.
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  6. ubernator


    Oct 30, 2004
    lost angels
    Keeping with the high end vibe, I purchased a stingray classic (in crazy gold sparkle matching headstock)/then a ball family reserve stingray H H with ebony fretboard and black finish, and right after that a standard stingray in natural ash with maple board. The natural Blonde, exotic Brunette, and the flashy cougar burlesque dancer. ;) :thumbsup::D:laugh::cool::smug:

    I was having a midlife crisis, maxed out credit and had to sell them. What hurts the most is it took a LONG time to sell the classic for the same price guitar center would have given me for it after the 30 days (back in 2011). And the other 2 went to a deal grinder who said he was taking them back to his studio in eastern Europe (Ukraine or romania, or another) . I got $1300 for the classic, and memory says $1800 or less for the other 2, a huge loss on minty basses.

    And mixed in was a steinberger spirt xt-2, and a gibson SG bass, loved them but they got stolen.

    I sold one of my Warwick FNA5s to a friend who took it to Hawaii, but I got it back 4 years later and ended up getting it back $300 cheaper, he said he felt it was like a rental fee. It was the perfect time because I needed a backup 5 for my metal band, and $4-500 was my max budget, and I had already gone through a 90's sr885, and an EBMM SUB5 passive 2 band, and an MIK Squier HM-V. (I don't regret selling those so much). If the SR506 I tried for a bit as well was a 505, I would have kept it, the 6 neck and narrow spacing were not for me.

    Tacoma thundercheif I bought in 2001/2002 (pre fender), which I sold to fund a telescope, which held much less value than the tacoma would have.

    My first "good" 5er was a 1985 Yamaha BB5000, neck through, and I regret selling that (at the time I really wanted the active tone, damn that incubus influence in the late 90s)

    And my early upgrade route had a few regret sales (and a few with no regrets, low end Ibbys) mainly my early 90s fury, a pair of MIM jazz basses, cream white, and LPB. Guitar center offered me $40 for the fury when I was buying the LPB, and I kept it and sold it for about $100. But the MIMs had a similar fate to the stingrays, and I got $280 for BOTH, and they were being resold to a buyer for the used Australian market, and the guy was begging for more profit for his middleman instant flip. I would gladly have one of the jazz basses and the fury, as backups now, and you can hardly touch an MIM for lower than $300 these days, and they were minty.

    I ended up with 2 american standard fenders, a geddy, FNA's, 2 5s and a 4, and my alternates are SR500 (K, bubinga/wenge) and OLP MM2. I don't want to sell any of them. And a Peavey Millennium II is coming soon to almost fulfil the fury regrets (and the fury I passed on at GC a few months ago)
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  7. bobyoung53

    bobyoung53 Supporting Member

    Now for a workingman vibe: I got sick and sold my Candy Apple Red 68 P bass with 66 Jazz neck in 1995. I beat that poor bass for close to 20 years, it was a real relic! I'd like to have it back, just because.
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  8. This isn't one I let get away, but one I didn't get when I had the chance. I had just bought a '68 P bass in the spring of '80. A few weeks later a '62 stack knob Jazz showed up for sale for $350. I passed. Been kicking myself ever since.
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  9. ubernator


    Oct 30, 2004
    lost angels
    That sounds like a killer player bass, I prefer jazz necks, though I can groove on the p bass necks just fine, there is something about the 1.5" on a 4 string, brings out the inner geddy Lee or less claypool. I chose my FNS because it had that width, like a sterling (EBMM), I considered the stingray to be the P bass feel and the sterling the Jazz. And the current SBMM SUB models have that width in the lower price range. And the peavey fury/millennium p types have that width as well.
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  10. Malak the Mad

    Malak the Mad Over the River and through the Looking Glass Supporting Member

    Hoo-boy, do I have a "one that got away" story! In this case, it was "dire financial need" that made me have to part with a lovely, lovely Limited Edition Fender Japan JB62 "All Black". :crying: But, rather than tell an abridged version, I'll let it's own dedicated thread tell the whole story.

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  11. I have a couple of "the one that got away stories" that pertain to drums. I was old and wise enough when I became a bassist to not make those sorts of mistakes again. I'm enjoying the stories though.
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  12. Ballin'bass


    Jun 16, 2014
    Madison, WI
    aw man, that's heartbreak. After 20 years! Do you know where in the world it is now?
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  13. Ballin'bass


    Jun 16, 2014
    Madison, WI
    Oh. My. God. :jawdrop: I can't believe that price.
  14. 1980.
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  15. Spirit of Ox

    Spirit of Ox Supporting Member

    Feb 2, 2012
    Chelsea Mass
    78 Ric 4001
    late 80's Ric 8 string
    79 P bass
    and my biggest regret- 96 Custom Shop p bass. 54 body shape with pj pickups and chunk maple neck.
    I had trouble playing it and was more comfy on a J neck but now only play p bass necks.
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  16. As far as making stupid decisions and passing up basses, I did that.

    When I was a newbie bassist (around 2010) I was looking for my first amp, I decided on a used Peavey TNT 160 that I saw on Craigslist. The gentleman selling it offered to let me use his bass, a 1970s Azureglow Rickenbacker 4001 in perfect condition. I sat down and played a basic walking bass pattern, it was wonderful.

    He said that he was thinking of selling the Rickenbacker as well, but he had no idea of what it was worth. Well, I didn't know much about Rickenbackers, I didn't know the name of the color. But in my limited knowledge I did know that I'd never seen one that color before. I said well, it has to be worth at least a grand. He said that he'd be thrilled to sell it for a thousand.

    At that point I had just started playing bass, I was using a Jackson JS40 that I bought at a pawn shop with a case for $125. I wasn't sure how deep I'd get into bass, and at that point I could never imagine me owning a bass that cost more than $200-$300. My wife and I had just bought our current house and were deep into remodeling. I bought the TNT, and passed on the bass. But, I've certainly thought about that Rickenbacker from time to time.

    I sold the TNT a few years ago and these days I play through an Ampeg SVT Classic. I own eight American Fenders, an EBMM Stingray and two Rickenbackers. I guess I did get somewhat deep into bass.

    I've never seen that Azureglow 4001 show up on Craigslist.


    Maybe I should look up his number.
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  17. kittywithabanjo

    kittywithabanjo Supporting Member

    Nov 26, 2014
    Coquitlam. BC
    A 60s precision bass.
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  18. Templar

    Templar Supporting Member

    For me, the ones that "got away" are the ones I found for sale, but had my (very limited) cash tied up in other things, and had to walk away empty handed. They are legion, but a couple escapees still haunt me....

    > NOS 1963 Precision in Burgundy Mist, unplayed with white tolex case, and even the original Fender shipping box. For sale by a Fender dealer who bought it off the floor at the '63 NAMM show in Chicago, and was going out of business in '79. The bass was part of a group of Custom color Fenders that were on their way to Japan. He wanted $650 for it. Broke, had to leave it alone.

    > An all orig '58 Ric 4000 at Wooden Music in Chicago, circa '75. Priced for sale at $600. A once in a lifetime chance for a stupidly cool and rare bass. Broke yet again, walked away. (sigh)

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  19. bobyoung53

    bobyoung53 Supporting Member

    No, some guy traveled down from NH from a music store and picked it up for 500 bucks! I was not in a position to bargain at the time, it's got to be around here somewhere but maybe refinished, who knows? I hope to bump into it some day.
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  20. bobyoung53

    bobyoung53 Supporting Member

    A 65 P sunburst P bass with an A neck for 800.00 at a guitar show somewhere here in Ma during the early 2000's. It had a bad ski slope but the thing sounded and played great. I told the guy maybe and told him I'd call him later that day, I did and it was gone, said he sold it a few minutes after i left. I really wanted that bass, sounded great through a V4-B head he also had for sale, don't remember what the cab was.
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