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The ongoing debate

Discussion in 'Ask Anthony Wellington [archive]' started by 6bass41r, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. 6bass41r


    Dec 10, 2009
    yonkers ny
    Hey all,
    So I'm stuck in this predicament....
    Any opinions are welcome...
    I have always been a die hard electric player.
    I started playing my junior year of highschool. I graduated with a degree in composition and I am now in the process of working on my masters in jazz performance on electric bass ( only strictly electric player in the school)..
    Here a few of my concerns ...
    1) being a bit over my head... School is hard. Being the youngest in the program probably with the smallest amount of "jazz"experience.. Tunes,piano, chops, harmonic understanding...
    2)getting my ears together to gain a sense of freedom. Hearing intervals , melodies, harmony...
    3) overall confidence
    4) the big one ....why I started this thread..... Should I double ?!?!
    Should I learn and make the upright thing happen.
    I've played it a little bit... Never seriously and always just noodling on someone's bass . Every upright player always says "you have a great sound" this new motivation is from a clinic Ray Drummond gave at my school last week.... And he turned and said I have a good sound when I was just noodling on my buddies bass. Also my buddy at school has been playing upright for about a year and grew so much an was killing it . He was strictly an electric player.....

    Any feedback possible would be awesome ! Thanks y'all

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