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The Onion's shot at a Drummer Ad very funny

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by troy mcclure, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Fat_Joe


    Apr 2, 2013
    Knoxville, TN
    HA! I love the Onion. Used to keep me sane on my morning metro ride.
  2. bignote


    May 27, 2006
    Okinawa, Japan
  3. Lackey


    May 10, 2002
    Los Angeles
    Hahaha... oh dear. I gotta say, my longtime drummer was a fantasticly talented guy, very intelligent, and one of my best friends.

    With that said, he managed to forget at least one piece of equipment almost every gig, be it a high hat stand, drum stool, cymbal mount, STICKS... He eventually left his high hat stand WITH z custom hats on it on stage at a gig out of state. bye bye.

    And also guilty of playing between songs during practice, never practicing on his own time, and not showing up on time for practice. One time he insisted we pick him up and drive him to practice since his AC was broken in his car... he opens the door in his underwear and resolutely states he doesnt want to practice so hes not going to put clothes on. To top it all off he was in the backseat of the van and started sliding open the side door to freak out people on the freeway.

    All this, and I don't tell tall tales. I'm having a hard time reconciling this myself right now, hehe.
  4. You are very obviously not originally from the States.....
    Having said that, I loved your story!

    : D
  5. Lackey


    May 10, 2002
    Los Angeles
    hehe, what makes you say that?
  6. I detect a hint of British accent in your post. Forgive me if I'm wrong.
  7. Lackey


    May 10, 2002
    Los Angeles
    Ah, funny you would mention that. I'm only from the UK via bloodlines. But I am a massive fan of BBC productions, period movies, Top Gear, Mitchell and Webb, Spaced.. etc. Perhaps that has added a perceptible tone to my typing eh? I don't think you would pick it up with my general speaking though. I certainly have never tried to foster a mid-atlantic accent or whatever that is, hahaha.

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