the perils of switching instruments

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  1. At the end of band practice yesterday, we decided to have a little fun and switch instruments. Our drummer switched with the rhythm guitarist, and I switched with the lead guitarist. We played a few of our easier originals, and then tore into a few random unrehearsed covers, among them several songs from Green Day's "Dookie" album; we played "Basket Case" and "She" reasonably well and butchered "Having A Blast". If you're familiar with Billie Joe Armstrong's guitar style, you know he generally uses quite a bit of palm-muting, which I recreated pretty faithfully. By the end of the instrument reversal, my right index finger was starting to hurt pretty badly, but that happens reasonably often when I play guitar standing up so I didn't think much of it.

    When we put the instruments down, I noticed I'd rubbed off a large chunk of skin above my index fingernail, and the spot was bleeding pretty badly. It didn't take long to discover that I'd also bled all over my guitarist's pickguard and pickups :oops: It washed off easily...I kinda wish I'd been playing my Squier at the time; I'd have just left the blood there...that would be so punk rawk :D My guitarist also managed to hurt himself; my bass gave him a big blister on his thumb.

    So, the lesson is that apparently my guitar technique, particularly palm-muting, needs some work. Anybody have any interesting injury-by-instrument stories? I know somebody has to have stabbed themselves with a drumstick or something, right? ;)
  2. This one time, at band practise, in a mess around band I was in, we changed over. Guitarists stay with his axe, me and the swapped.

    I cannot, and i mean, CANNOT plays drums for quack.

    We were playing carousel, i just did a fill every now and then, but near the it was just so silly, i attemped a hihat playing 16ths, and the snare on 8ths... lol.

    we get to the end and i go to hit the ride and smash, except, ive leaned back, and im falling down, down, then comes down the hihat, snare, on top of me, the floor tom went forwards sinc ei kicked it knocking over the ride... hehehehe

    :rolleyes: :D
  3. i..uh...fell off my roof once when me and a guitarist were jamming outside....lets just say guitar cords should be longer:oops:
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    We were playing for a musical, and I came up with that genius idea. The guitarist and drummer go to the piano and synth, the synth player to the guitar, pianist to bass, and me to drums. That way, we'd each all go to the instrument we knew the least about. But... we didn't, 'cause it would have ruined the show, which wasn't even doing too well. We didn't want to mess it up more, and the conductor would've had a temper tantrum. Maybe we'll practise like that one time



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  6. I uh...played guitar for a song we were recording in my office just for the hell of it and it sucked :D which is why I play bass ;)


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    in the first "band" i was in the guitarist (who was a d**k) decided while i was going to pee he would grab my bass and try to pop and slap (which i never do cause i hate it its eviland needs to be uninvented!) and he couldnt do it at all but he was pullin the strings up as hard as he could. so instead of getting mad at him for it or anything i just walked over and picked up his p.o.s. guitar and started doing the same thing. he stopped immediately :p