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  1. Forgive my plagiarization of Robert Frost's great poem, but, it did get you to look at the thread. Now on to the question.
    Will using multiple effects ever overload a preamp?

    Example: I want to buy a Nathan East parametric equalizer. Now, does the fact that I'm introducing an effect with its own signal into the input stage of a preamp boost the signal substantially? And, if I now use my active bass with this equalizer does this add more to the signal? Add to this a Zoom 506II pedal... What I'm asking is: When will a line of effects begin to overload an amp's preamp section, or is this something I don't have to worry about?

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    Luis Fabara

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    Just to tell you my experience.
    Some of the devices you are going to put in the signal chain, will introduce some noise, specially the Zoom 506II (I have one of those).
    So lets thing about tone degradation too.
    If your analog signal goes to the NE-1 unit, it may be boosted a little bit and also introduce some noise, but very little, now it will have a great effect on your sound.
    On the other side, this good tone will be processed in a digital unit, (Zoom506II) completely KILLING your tone.
    It may sound good, but not pure for real. It will sound "processed".
    Your Signal to Noise ratio will decrease and and maybe you will see that your preamp clips earlier.
    Effects not necesarilly boost the signal,and overloading is mostly caused by an excess of voltage and mW in the signal.

    As long you dont put the Zoom506 in Level 50 dont think you will have problems.
    Boosting some frequencies on the NE1 (expecially mids) may clip the Zoom506II Input,but the compressor will atenuate this and ruin the sound.

    I guess you dont have to worry about overloading as you will notice any clipping, but I would worry more about Sound quality.
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  5. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
    Ecuador (South America)
    Audio Pro - Ecuador
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