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The price is .......wrong?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by trainwreck200, May 22, 2001.

  1. trainwreck200


    May 16, 2001
    canton OH
    :confused: I need some help in making a decision.I recently received my income tax return and have a little under $300 to blow.My problem is this; Should I modify my current bass (a beaten jackson/chavel with a Dimarzio split P)or should I save the money to put towards a new bass?As far as modifications go, I was thinking of having brass nut installed to replace the tore-up plastic original,and maybe a modest 2-band pre-amp.This brings me to an other question,could I afford to do this on $300? thanks
  2. trainwreck200


    May 16, 2001
    canton OH
    I for got to add that my bass blue books about $50.
  3. Brendan

    Brendan Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    For 300?

    A MIM Fender P
    A MIM Fender J,
    A Yamaha RBX260
    An Ibanez SR300DX

    uh...sorry I usually don't price at 300...

    BUT, I would get a new bass. No use hotrodding a crappy bass. Then you have a slightly nicer crappy bass. However, if you get something a little more respectable (price/quality wise) then you have a decent bass, that you can hotrod, and not throw out in two years.
  4. Edgar


    Nov 4, 2000
    Montreal, QC, CA
    My advices are the following;

    - Like Brendan said, Dont upgrade a crappy bass. If you need to improve your tone (or range of tone) buy one of those outboard preamp like Sadowsky, Aguilar or Fodera.
    - Option number two would be to keep up saving, borrow money from your parents if you can (and have a steady income) and keep an open mind about the used market.

    last thing I'll mention, Dont rush into things, Take your time!
  5. bassics


    Nov 27, 2000
    Newark, Ohio
    Check out the used basses at your local dealer, they can usually work with you on pricing, and you can save a ton on a GOOD quality bass. I recently bought a brand new DeArmond Pilot Deluxe 6 string for $650 (lists at $1100) through a small local shop,(Sheets and Son's in Heath Ohio. I like to advertise for them!).
    Also, check the cassifieds in your local paper, you can find some good deals there too, but don't buy ANYTHING until you play it.
  6. Buy a Sansamp BDDI for $180 and put the other $120 in the bank for now. This will make a huge impact on your sound and a good DI is a must have for a bassist. Once you've saved some more cash go out looking for a new bass. The MIM Fenders are really nice for their price range IMHO.
  7. odie

    odie Supporting Member

    I would recommend any of the DeArmond pilots, Dean Edge etc. alot of bang for the $, good alternative to the classic tones of Fenders. More modern.
    Fenders= classic tones
    Spector,Warwick=modern tones
  8. odie

    odie Supporting Member

    If your looking at 5 strings the Pilots have a 35 inch scale and a very nice sounding B string!!
  9. I think you should fix up the bass you have now, for about a grand you can make that sound as good as a three hundred dollar jazz. then you should get some sweet rims and a new motor, maybe even a paintjob for your pinto. :) get a new bass
  10. td1368


    Jan 9, 2001
    I think Edgar and Zoomboy are dead on. A quality used bass, I think, would be better than a new mid level bass. And definitely don't rush into any decisions. Any preamp will juice up the tone. I think the sansamp DI is the cheapest. You should try to play all the stuff though before you buy.
  11. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    Another vote for a "new" used bass. With $300, you're about a third of the way to a good quality, used bass.

    The Sansamp will make your "beaten" bass sound like it's on steroids, BUT, it will still sound like your "beaten" bass. If the Sansamp really made your bass sound like a top notch bass, we'd all be buying Rogues and and Sansamps and saving ourselves money.

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