the price of fenders outside america

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by dace, Jul 30, 2001.

  1. dace

    dace Guest

    Dec 25, 2000
    sydney, australia
    i'd like to know how much fenders are selling for outside america.

    in australia the cheapest standard jazz i could find was $AUS 1,300. Even if you take into account the exchange rate, that's at least $US 600, but everyone in america is getting them for $US 300. *** is going on?
  2. ashton

    ashton Guest

    Jan 4, 2001
    well, as a fellow aussie i feel obligated to answer..... first theres the shipping which kills then theres the customs which is just uncalled for and to top it off theres a tax for bringing wood into the country.
    it all sucks and i gave up on fender for a while(till the aussie dollar goes back up) then ill make my move. till then im gettin a spector.
  3. Dude, I'm from New Zealand and my Deluxe Active 5 string was $1500 with hard case, two leads and a korg tuner.

    I don't know if that is a good deal, but I absolutely love my new bass, and I would have paid more for it.

    PS, Nice performance by the Wallabies against the Springboks! (Sarcasm)
  4. JMX

    JMX Vorsprung durch Technik

    Sep 4, 2000
    Cologne, Germany
    that's 1504.41$, list price is 1684.45$

    way too much IMO
  5. Phat Ham

    Phat Ham

    Feb 13, 2000
    Here in Japan the MIA basses go for about the American list price. But MIJ basses are pretty good deals here. You can get them for cheaper than what MIM's go for in America, and IMO the MIJ's are better than the MIM's.
  6. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    no question about that, mij are much better than mim. what a shame, here in italy prices are HIGH! mij are not distribuited ans a standard mim is about the corrispective of 490us $. p and j have the same prices.
  7. purple_haze

    purple_haze Guest

    Jun 29, 2001
    London Town
    Here in the UK MIM's cost around 400 pounds sterling (weird keyboard doesn't have a pound sign) which again is $600. In the US it's $300.

    (Squiers in the UK cost MORE than MIMs in the US)

    So we again pay double. Some of it is shipping, but doubling the price is unforgivable, and there's certainly a big enough market to manufacture in the UK.
  8. MJB

    MJB Guest

    Mar 17, 2000
    FWIW a store like Bass Northwest will ship worldwide. They are a Fender dealer, tho they don't have new Fenders on their website. Their prices are excellent. Shipping costs are whatever they are to your location. Duties and taxes, of course, are set by the country you live in.
  9. arvidgunardi

    arvidgunardi Guest

    Mar 18, 2001
    Jakarta Indonesia
    My friend bought a used Marcus Miller sig series for US $600 here in Indonesia.

    And a MIA Jazz American standard is about US $1000-$1100...maybe....around that price.
  10. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    this is another story, but with the same end. here what i think about: months ago i e-mailed to the guys at bassnw and found GREAT persons. really professional, they helped with all my troubles and suggested me well. the only problem was that here in italy taxes are so high for import that i couldn't buy that awesome G&L asat in blueburst finish. here in italy i find more easy wait for the right deal on a second hand good instrument. in this way i bought my rick, my thunderbird and my MIJ squier jazz. i love playing bass, i love collectin different basses and play them. bass is my real passion and i want to feed this passion in the right way. do you wanna know why i dont have a stingray, a G&L, a MIA jazz or precision, a fender geddy lee signature, an epiphone jack casady...? i do not have them not because i dislike them, but because they are not all available here. or here in italy their price, when new, is more than the retail price in usa. not the sale or street price, the retail price! not to mention that us dollars has a much more power related to our interal economy so 1000$ are much more than the street change (1000us$ would have been equal to 2.000.000 £). so this is my modus operandi. when i'm able, i collect money and then i visit the shops that have a used selection. i try a lot of used basses and when i think that the bass is good for me i'll buy it. i have don't this in the past and i'll do it in the future. this for me means bang for the buck.

    hoping to visit by myself bassnw in the next year for my first visit in the usa and buy an awesome bass from awesome people!!
  11. Aaron


    Jun 2, 2001
    Seattle, WA
    how much are the mims in mexico (where is Dave Castelo when you need him)?
  12. arvidgunardi

    arvidgunardi Guest

    Mar 18, 2001
    Jakarta Indonesia
    Funny thing is.....Squire basses that are made here in Indonesia, are very seldom sold in Indonesia. Dumb huh!? Almost never.
  13. Cambass


    Jan 25, 2001
    Man, all the time you see here people from North America saying "A mex Fender is a great first bass at only $400". What! Here in Australia a MiM Fender is around $1300 whereas the AM Fenders are probably around the $2500-3000 mark. Damn thats expensive!

    (BTW, not having a go at Nth American people, just an observation. :) )
  14. i2k


    Oct 31, 2000
    It'a a bit late, anyway here's the Fender pricing in Indonesia:
    MIM Std Jazz: 300 US$
    MIM Std Jazz V: 350 US$
    MIM Dlx Jazz: 480 US$
    MIM Dlx Jazz: 540 US$
    MIA Std Jazz: 800 - 969 US$
    MIA Dlx Jazz V: 1100 US$
    Stu Hamm Urge II: 1280 US$

    I get the pricing from a dealer that can gives real good discount.
  15. Woodchuck


    Apr 21, 2000
    Atlanta (Grant Park!)
    Gallien Krueger for the last 12 years!
    This is funny to me, because I always complain about the prices of Fruduas, Moons, Jerzy Drozd, Wals and Sei Basses.:) Those basses are insanely expensive here in the States.
  16. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    it's the price of ocean crossing....
  17. Brooks

    Brooks Guest

    Apr 4, 2000
    Middle East
    Shipping is a factor, but then, the cost of sending a 40 foot container from USA to Europe is $2500. How many guitars can fit into a 40-foot container? I'd bet that the cost of shipping would be less than $20/bass.

    The real problem is that Governments want to:

    a- grab as much $ as they can
    b- protect local manufacturers

    Most of the price difference goes to governments in form of taxes, import duties and such. At least for Europe, that should be easy to have democracies there, so vote the guys who are imposing these taxes out ;)
  18. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    i was ironic... i copmletely agree with you. add to that the "exotic" factor. italians want british motorbikes, british want italian motorbikes, european want americans guitar because only made in usa is good. that's a lot of things and most of them are stupid...
  19. icks


    Jul 12, 2001
    :( :(

    In Belguim you get all kind of fender for the actual american prices but x 1.25 ... I paid my Deluxe active J/bass MIM $538 then I paid the shipping then I paid the taxes ....

    If anyone knnows how o get them cheaper tell please I need a P/bass !!

    Thx :D :p
  20. Yep.. MIM fender costs $ 550 / 600 in Holland too.. import costs are way too high..

    Not to mention.. the MM stingray costs about $ 1400 in Holland.. the OLP stingray is $ 430 for the 5-stringer..