The prunes and custard type filter from tool in another pedal/s.

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  1. Just curious if anyone has found anything similar in another pedal or pedals to the really mid focused growl that happens in Tool - the grudge ? Tried a you’re doom fuzz with a Dunlop bass mini wah but was far too treble in comparison
  2. I don’t know the answer to your question sorry dude, but I do hope that Tool reads this forum enough to know that they need to make a song called “Pupoopie” on their next album just to mess with our puny little minds.
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  3. Nunovsky


    Sep 4, 2004
    The TWA Dynamorph is very similar. Also the SA Multiwave Bass Distortion takes you to the same land.
    There's also a DIY kit from fuzz dog pedal parts that's called Dirt Dessert that's a clone of the P&C.
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    Tech 21 Red Ripper?
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  5. I’m pretty sure Justin Chancellor doesn’t use that pedal at all. Id have to check out the song again to be sure but I think what you're hearing is the combination of his dirt pedals with the bass whammy or an envelope filter.

    Now Chris from muse and Justin Meldal Johnson are both known to use the
    Prunes and custard. My favorite sound I’ve heard with that pedal is oc-2 into a big muff into the prunes and custard.
    Very dirty and synth bass sounding. The bass tone on the Muse song Uprising I’m positive is that combination.
  6. He definitely used the prunes and custard in Jambi... petty sure he uses it to get the growly filter according to version of the grudge too...
  7. Never seen one on the dozens of pictures and videos of his board
  8. Hmmm some people’s day definitely a p and c... others say it’s a depth charge... I guess I’ll just have to try more stuff to get a wah / fuzz tone with lots of mid to get that growls tone he has going
  9. I would say get a multi like Zoom B3n or Boss GT-1B and when you find a close match either use that or buy the pedals the patch is modelling :)
  10. Ignore me... just re reading the tool tone sticky thread and realising just need to keep trying again with different stuff as it seems to be the tonebender and wah and not a p and c. (The overdriver is the big box that looks similar)
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    I’ve heard he uses that pedal as well but I’ve never seen it on photos of his board. However, I have no idea what part you’re talking about in the grudge. The intro is most definitely just his regular tone with delay added and I know he kicks on a chorus later in the song. I can’t think of any filtering style effects in that song