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  1. ok so im going to have a bit of a rant first. a few weeks ago i was at a local "chain" music store and stumbled across a 6 string left handed schecter stiletto studio. after playing it for a while i really started liking it and asked the sales assistant what the best price he could do was. ticket price was $1,899 and he came back and told me he could do it for $1,550. considering this a good deal (in Australia anyway;) ) i left and started squirreling money away. today i went back to the store and a different assistant served me and i once again asked the best price on the bass, mentioning i had previously been quoted $1,550. the assistant returns from the computer saying really the best price they could do is $1,699. i once again explained to him that i had been quoted the lower price by another employee but he explained this away as a mistake. Even after explaining i had the cash here and was ready to buy right now for the lower price he would not budge at all. i left the store without making a purchase because i had only budgeted for the original amount.

    So now im considering buying from the good ole' U.S and thought that now im not restricted to the Australian market i would get some opinions on some good left handed 6 string basses from you fine folks. obviously i wont be able to play before i buy but i can say i really liked the string spacing on the schecter and the bright articulate tone. the B string on the schecter felt surprisingly good too. Ive had a look at the Ken Smith Designed basses but the reviews on these dont seem to really paint an impressive picture.

    So! suggestions on some 6 strings available in lefty that people have played and enjoyed (around the U.S $1000 mark) would be great!
    sorry for the long post...
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    Hi jordie65.

    I can understand your disappointment at the price increase, but personally I'd pay the extra $149 to get a bass which I've actually played and knew I liked before gambling on buying one I hadn't played first.

    Besides, as I understand it, after shipping and taxes buying a bass from abroad won't be that cheap.

    And what if you have a problem with the instrument after you buy it?

    A bass in hand is worth two on the 'net...
  3. bass looks very nice wonkey cat im having a look at them now. what is the average price for one of these instruments? im afraid my budget at the moment is only about $1000 U.S