The "Recommend Some International Music Here" Thread

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  1. As the title suggests, I'm looking for music that is definitely not American and that you definitely enjoy and think others should know about.

    Post URL's, song names, so on, and we'll see where this takes us.
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    Jun 17, 2004
    Kila are a great irish band. They do a sort of modern version of irish traditional music. They arent much of a studio band but they'e live performances are great. Check out their live in dublin CD
  3. Värttinä is a great Finnish band with Hannu Rantanen on bass. Excellent vocals and rhythmic language. This is pretty far from the American music tradition.

    Selected sound clips
  4. Thanks for the links, the second clip was groovy.
  5. Here's my contribution - you need WinRAR to extract the song.

    It's the Asian Kung-Fu Generation tune "Haruka Kanata," which was featured as the opening theme for Naruto season 2 in Japan. The band, as one would assume, is Japanese and are quite popular. The bassist has really mean growl, so for those interested, definitely check it out.

    Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Haruka Kanata
  6. Alvaro Martín Gómez A.

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    Well, I obviously have to go with latin music. I've already offered these examples in other threads. These are some examples of dancing music from Dominican Republic, Cuba and Colombia (please notice that the links will work for one week only):

    1. Merengue: From dominican republic. The basslines are pretty easy from the technical point of view, but you have to develop real authority to play them. I'm posting two examples. The first one is a live performance of dominican singer Sergio Vargas. This is a bootleg recording so the quality isn't great, but I like it because the bass is very prominent and you can feel the driving bassline. Also, this is a three-song medley from which I removed the third one (I don't like it) and also removed some babbling from the singer at the beginning of the first song. Here's the link:

    Here's another cool studio-quality merengue tune which boasts a great bassline. The band's name is "Los Sabrosos Del Merengue":

    2. Timba from Cuba: This is also known as the "Latin funk". To me is sort of an evolved Salsa which also blends some latin jazz elements and has more demanding basslines. This example is from "NG La Banda", which brass section is known as the "Terror brass". Bassist's name is Feliciano Arango.

    3. Colombian Vallenato: I have a VERY STRONG word of caution for you here: I've never liked this music, but it used to be a very respectable genre here because it has very deep folkloric roots (from the colombian northern coast). Nowadays it's some of the cheesiest music you can hear, with lyrics that rival the most ridiculous soap opera you can think of. This example is from the time it used to be "good" music, but my warning is: It's an ACCORDION FEST. If you hate that instrument as much as I do, you better don't download this file. It will make you vomit or, in the best case, you'll burst into laughter because of the accordion and the singer's funny voice. But if you can stand that, you'll be rewarded with some of the most awesome basslines you can hear. This is the only reason I listened to this music then (this example was recorded in 1986). The band in the recording is called "El Binomio De Oro" and it used to be the best vallenato band until the singer was killed in 1992. They had two great bassists who really developed the style: José Vásquez and Rangel "El Maño" Torres, who died in a plane crash. He recorded this song called "La Candelosa":

    The bass playing alone worths the admission IMO. This was recorded with one of those Kramer basses with aluminum necks and split headstocks which was a real novelty among musicians at the time. When I had the opportunity of playing a gig alternating with them in late 1991, José Vásquez had a black Steinberger XL-2. At the time (and still today, I think), headless basses were dubbed as "Vallenato basses" here.

    Hope you enjoy these recordings. :)
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    Check out The Beatles.
  8. Being Puerto Rican, I grew up listening to a lot of the style of stuff mentioned above - Alvaro is right about the bass being worth the price of admission alone, those guys can groove.

    Definitely worth checking out, just to learn new grooves.

    I can see why, very cool stuff. Very ambient.
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    Try some "Astor Piazzolla". He´s a revolutionary tango composer who´s received homages from cats like Al Di Meola, Chick Corea or Yo Yo Ma.

    Two of my fav tunes are "Fuga y misterio" and "Libertango".
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    Brazilian music you gotta check out:

    Hermeto Pascoal

    Known as "the sorcerer" or "the magician", Hermeto is regarded by a great many musicians as one huge genius still in activity in the world of music.

    Full Article at:

    Milton Nascimento is regarded as one of the greatest Brazilian pop singers both in Brazil and abroad. Nascimento is also an outstanding composer who has influenced generations of musicians.

    Chico Buarque

    Composer, singer, poet and writer, Chico Buarque has become a mandatory reference for any quotation on Brazilian music ever since the 60s. His influence is definitive in almost everything that happened in music in Brazil for the past 35 years, due to the melodic, harmonic and poetic sophistication presented in his songs.
  12. Wow, cool stuff.
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    Mar 18, 2000
    And that's just three. It's more than just a scratch on the surface, but there's so much more...

    Let me know if you want more.
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    thanks to murf for this link--

    an intuitive [mostly] music genome project radio station

    quite amazing
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    Great Big sea
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    +1 for Kila. Absolutely amazing live!