The required donna lee video

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by HaVIC5, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. HaVIC5


    Aug 22, 2003
    Brooklyn, NYC
    I've done several of these, and here's my latest take on Donna Lee. I might have done it too fast, since I flub the head in and out a bit, but I get some decent licks in on the solo, so hey, whatever.

  2. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker Inactive

    Jun 10, 2001
    Good job.
  3. soong


    May 10, 2007
    I commented the vid.
  4. Like you said, there are a few mistakes in the head, but otherwise I thought you did a really good job. The solo was very good, good phrasing and ideas and it sounded authentic. Good job!
  5. Wow, very well done, especially the solo.
    Keep on working on that head on slower tempos, though, until it sounds like this is the most easy thing in the world:)
  6. rhix


    May 14, 2007
    Very good.
  7. That's a song? :ninja:
  8. dannster


    Aug 20, 2000
    Donna is one of those complicated girls who just blathers on and on, talking a million miles a minute without really saying anything.:bag:
  9. jweiss


    Jul 5, 2007
    Park City, Utah
    Great job!

    I need to sit down and learn to play that head one of these days...
  10. Really nice! Bravo!
  11. HaVIC5


    Aug 22, 2003
    Brooklyn, NYC
    Yeah, but people pay attention to her and not the quiet dorky kid in the corner. :p

    Thanks for the kind comments, guys. :)
  12. dannster


    Aug 20, 2000
    Quite Right! Haha!:D:p
  13. I dig some of your ideas in the solo (particularly the use of F harmonic minor over the Fmi7 in the B, don't hear that a lot), you clearly know your way around the changes. Get that head tight and you'll be ace! Nice tone too :)
  14. DougD

    DougD Bassman7654

    Sep 19, 2002
    North Las Vegas NV
  15. Wilbyman


    Sep 10, 2003
    Parkersburg, WV
    Not a song unless Brooks and Dunn covers it, right Fender? :confused::ninja: