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The right strings for me

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by Groovski, Sep 25, 2002.

  1. Groovski


    Sep 20, 2002
    My happy place
    I just bought an upright bass, with steel strings that sounded pretty good, about 3 months ago. The neck bowed so I took it back and the owner just traded me for another new upright that he had in stock. It has nylon strings. They are thudy sounding to me.
    I play in an "original" original band. We are kinda southern rock with a major twist in several directions. My question is, What strings have the most growl, clarity, and are bright.
    Any help would be appreceated.
    Thanks guys :p
  2. Spirocores, definitely.

  3. I vote for Pirastro Jazzers.
  4. I had the spirocore experience before. However, I wonder that what is a real difference between Jazer and Spirocore?
    Which one is brighter?
    I might consider to try Jazzer for E string.
  5. The Jazzers are about the same tension as Weichs, but I found them to have a rounder, bigger tone.

    Did you get your thick Flexocore E?

    I'm still waiting for my Kolstein E. Was back-order longer than expected at Quinn's, he shipped late and the postal service seems slower than normal...
    I expect to get it on monday.

    I also ordered a new Jargar Forte G to replace the old one...
  6. Francois
    How are you?
    Thank you (again) for your wonderful knowledge.
    I just placed an order for Jazzer E last night (I returned Helicore Orchestra Heavy A to Quinn).
    Yes, I received thick Flexocore E already, but not yet having a chance to try it.
    (How are Thick Flexocore A, D, and G sound? I might order to make a complete set next time.)

    Recently, Pirastro sent me a set of Obligato to try.
    Sound is wonderful on my 7/8 old German/Czech Plywood bass.

    I just got a set of Varicore with a good price on Ebay recently. Still on the way from seller.

    Just my curious, how old your Jargar forte is?

    Did you have an experience with Velvet Before?
    IMO, its sound was so nice, from Rufus Reid record.
    Thank you
  7. The thick D and G are quite stiff. Unless you setup a low action, you won't feel comfortable.
    Two years old I think. But the reason is that it was put on and off too often, and rattles at some points.
    Well, I know that at some point, he was playing on:
    all Spirocores, later on Spirocores E and A, Olivs D and G.
    How can you know what particular strings he was playing on a particular recording?
    To me, he always sounds like Rufus Reid... :)

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