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the right way to get that low action?

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by thebassmuchacho, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. ive recently done a move from one side of the united states to the other. As its drastically colder and more humid here, i noticed that the action on my bass has gotten higher, enough to bug me alot. How do i set up my bass right so that i dont screw up the intonation(saddle height, truss rod)?
  2. Boozy


    Apr 29, 2002
    Kelowna BC, Canada
    Well, if your bass was good before (good action, intonation was good) all I would do is adjust your truss rod to accomidate for the change in weather. Your saddles havn't moved up/down or back/forward, all that has happened is your neck bowed a bit more due to the change in weather... so straigten that neck out a bit, and it should be just like it was before.

    Once you get it to where it feels normal, you can always check the intonation.. You still wouldn't really need to move your saddles up or down, just forward or backward a bit... But if you can get that neck to exactly how it was before, your intonation should be fairly good.

    good site for setup info: http://www.garywillis.com/pages/bass/bassmanual/setupmanual.html
  3. thanks alot, ill try that out.
  4. Shouldnt the strings become out of tune if you tighten the truss rod? Wouldnt that be one of signs that the neck has infact moved?
  5. Tightening the truss rod.

    Tightening can be a little complicated.

    Before you turn the wrench, you need to "help" straighten the neck a little.

    This is easiest if you're sitting down.
    Stand the bass on the floor.Put your foot in front of it. Put your knee behind it. And carefully push on the front of the headstock.


    Loosening the truss rod.

    You'll need to loosen the A string to move it out of the way.

    Important!Turn the wrench counter-clockwise
    only 1/4 turn.

    You should be able to see a difference after a quarter turn. If not, try a little more, but I'd recommend no more than a half a turn per day. Wooden necks require time to "settle in" to truss rod adjustments.

    Read Adjusting the Neck

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