'The Ring'

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  1. Dude...

    Did you guys see this movie?

    if not...I suggest you rent it/check it out because it was crazy.

    Like...the whole story is a big puzzle and at the end it all comes together,I thought the movies was really sweet.

    I was thinking about it in the shower,and I got really scared that Samara was gonna attack me :(:p

    The only part I didn't get fully was why did she do them bad things?

    Great movie... I give it a 8.5/10

  2. Well, I saw this a while ago and thought it was tosh.....

    Couple of fairly intense, sudden shock, popcorn everywhere moments, but I got bored with it, it didn't really explain itself fully, and well the ending just plain sucked.....

    Apparently the original Japanese film 'Ringu' is better - although I haven't seen that.
  3. Yeah...the chick in the closest scared the crap outta me...

    I dun like them suprising parts to scare you...I like the all around scariness,but I kinda dug it:)



    Jun 1, 2003
    Orlando, FL
    i agree. for a movie with lots of "shock" moments, as well as overall creepy/scary atmosphere, and a ending that really "puts the pieces together" so to speak i suggest signs. its one of my favorite movies ever. not to mention anything with aliens just freaks me out. but yeah... signs is much better imo

  5. I always wanted to watch that movie...

    meh *shrug*



    Jun 1, 2003
    Orlando, FL
    u really should, if you liked the ring you'll love signs. ways that signs is better than the ring (imo)

    1) better story (flat out no brainer)
    2) ending doesnt totally blow (it actually makes EVERYTHING make sense)
    3) more "popcorn everywhere" moments (ive seen it 4 times and still jump at some parts)
    5) lots of "dark" comedy (the tin foil hats are hilarious)

    anyways, go rent this movie! youll love it.

    btw, watch it in the dark on dvd with a high quality sound system if possible, really gives you the theater experience =]

  7. hahaha...

    "Why you guys wearing aluminum foil on your heads?"

    "So the aliens(or monsters?) don't eat(or suck?) out our brains..."


    I wanna see it...I'll prob ask my Neighbor if I can borrow it tomorrow(she has alot of movies)

    I'll prob watch it later at night to give it the full effect...

    I saw The Ring 12 noon :rolleyes: :)

  8. I agree, Signs is a better movie! I actually wasn't bothered about seeing it and a friend lent it to me. My g/f and I watched it and I was pleasantly surprised!

    Very good movie, with lots in it like DEFELDUS says!

    Osama - when did you watch The Ring.....was it 7 days ago.....:eek:
  9. JMX

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    Sep 4, 2000
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    Signs a better movie?!?!? :confused:
    You got to be kidding!!!

    At least check out the original of The Ring, Ringu.

    Why have foreign movies have to be remade in order to get on the American market? :meh:
  10. Yeah...why? how'd you know?

    Hey...does anyone know why my TV keeps on coming on? it's all static too...

    hey! what the...:help: :D

  11. IMO - yeah. it's a better movie - although very weird ending.....that was the only downer!

    Yup, like I said I haven't checked the original - but I have been told it's better than The Ring (I mentioned this in my first post here..)

    No, I have no idea whay foreighn movies have to be re-made to get recognition....I think it sucks!
  12. I am currently "getting" (downloading;)) Ringu...I'm excited! :D



    Jun 1, 2003
    Orlando, FL
    i havent watched ringu just b/c i heard its in japanese sub titles =[

    not that anything is wrong with japanese, i just like to watch the movie, not read a movie with sounds...

    as far as signs ending i think it was great, a lot like the ending of the sixth sense (they were written/directed by the same guy, he plays the doctor in signs) he makes some great movies!
  14. :eek: I see dead people.:help:

  15. Murf


    Mar 28, 2001
    The Japanese version is WAAAAAAYYYY better, for one thing it explains exactly whats going on and gives us more of Sadako/samara's back story, also there is no stupid horses subplot thingy, also the Samara character is a young woman and not a child..(a hell of a lot scarier as well).

    However, the american "Ring" while having some good moments really appealed to the "nightmare on elm street/scream generation", lots of quick shocks and mtv type editing, the Japanese version instead favours a sloooowww build up which imo works best, because of this I dont think the Japanese version will play well to the "youth" audience.

    Damn kids..no attention span these days..;) :D
  16. Yeah...like if you saw the chick in the closest slowly go up to her face it'd be like "eww" but,they zap that camera in there quick is crap making you "AHH! and spilling all your popcorn and/or cola beverage :)

    haha...it was about to come on,and I was like "theres prob gonna be alot of suprsing scenes in the this movie..." so I took a pee,so I wouldnt mess myself:)


    the movie is almost done by the way...

  17. Yeah, I took a whizz as well before the movie, I can handle being covered in popcorn, but large damp stains are the last thing you need coming out of a movie.......:eek:
  18. yeah...I was also laying on top a comfy sleeping bag which I didnt wanna get messy,and I had these cool shorts on:D

  19. fastplant


    Sep 26, 2002
    I liked the Ring, but I didn't think it was a fully developed movie. Like it seemed like it wasn't finished yet. I plan on seeing Ringu, it sounds like that one fully explains the story, I may rent that tonight, they have it at the video store on my street.
  20. Only


    Sep 8, 2002
    Warrensburg, MO
    Buh?? :confused:

    Signs was utter poop, IMHO.

    The ending doesn't even make sense, people!

    Although I will admit I thought the comedy in it was excellent. But nothing in it made sense! At all! AT ALL!!!!!:mad:

    ...Oh, right. On topic. The Ring was watchable. Good, not great. Haven't seen Ringu yet.