The RipOffs, our demo, powered by TRACE!

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  1. Well, we finally got it done. The band have made a 4 track demo. Mastering isnt great, but it does pretty bloody sweet, considering it was done all by the band and friend.

    Stuck in Democracy

    Ramblings [of a misguided fool]

    Nearest the Crow flies

    Neat Handwriting of the Illiterate

    I do backing vocals on Stuck In, and Illiterate, and then Stephen does all the leads. It wa s agreat experience, and I'm very happy with how it sounds, despite the mistakes on some of the tracks. :)

    80s MIJ Fender Telecaster w/ marshall dist pedal - straight into desk
    Mapex kit, 28" kick, 14" snare, 18" floor tom, and 16" low(?) tom, sibian cymbols.
    Bass - The G3, with old steel rotosounds ;), into the Trace 4x10 that I oh so adore. I didnt manage to quite get the exact tone I desire, I dont think I ever will from that combo, but it does very very smoov, very sweet, and bassy. Most importantly, I cut thru. :bassist:

    I'll post a coupla pictures later, however I have a gig tonight and places to be! Hope you all enjoy the MP3s, please be open and honest with our stuff - I am aware of the timing in Illiterate and the intros got messed up in a few tracks. It wasnt my fault, since we put the bass down last. haaa! ;)

    peace, love and unity. <3
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    stuck in democracy doesnt work--link.
  4. fixed!