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  1. Ok so this completely suchs due to many circusmtances im going to have to be selling my bass and amp and anything else bass related. So i wont be able to get a real job for a good few months and my parents are starting to get on my case about money so im going to have to pull a drastic move and do something which i despise. I cant have my parents (really only the mom) complaining about money which sucks.

    So heres what i offer guys im looking for straight up cash unless you have a deal of a lifetime for me.

    MTD Saratoga 4 string
    The body color is tobacco sunburst with a flame maple top and poplar wood body.
    It has a maple neck/rosewood fingerboard as well.
    34" scale 4 string
    24 medium jumbo frets
    Zero fret 1 5/8" wide, 4 string
    Hipshot bridge, 3/4" (19mm) spacing
    One-piece neck w/satin polyester finish
    Carved basswood body (8mm thick figured maple top)
    Master volume, blend, bass, treble, midrange select
    Bartolini ceramic and steel J pickups
    Copper foil shielded electronics compartment Buzz Feiten Tuning System

    Ill let it go for 1075$ O.B.O Its in mint condition as if it were just from the factory. Its been in my posession for only about a month now and its basicially been in its case the entire time cause ive been very busy and its not the sound i like seeing as im biased towards the warwick sound which i sold in order to get this bass.

    SWR Silverado Special

    Ive had this baby in my posession for 1 year now here is the run down...its in eprfect condition never been pushed ahrd and kept in a smoke free environment and never gigged.

    Brand SWR
    Channels Not Available
    Circuitry Tube
    Estimated Price $1500 to $2500
    Power 350W
    Speaker Configuration 2 x 12
    Type Bass Combos
    More Information

    Series: SWR Bass Combo
    Circuitry: Tube
    Speaker Configuration: 2 x 12
    Power: 350W
    Channels: Not Available
    Dimensions: 28 x 23 x 18
    Weight: 93 lbs.

    Hi and low sensitivity inputs, Gain control with LED peak clipping indicator, Limiter with variable threshold control, Balanced XLR Output with select switch for Line or Direct Mode, Ground lift & pad control, Side Chain Effects Loop, Variable Midrange, Aural Enhancer Control, Master Volume Control, Rack Handles

    Also with a 4 ohm extension cab it will boost the wattage output to 450 watts RMS.

    775$ O.B.O

    Hartke B30

    Custom 10" Hartke driver for classic bass sounds
    30 watts of power
    Active 3-band EQ delivers precise tonal control
    Preset Shape circuitry lets you create new sounds
    Separate effects loop
    Buffered input handles active and passive pickups without overloading
    Line level output for direct recording, driving additional amps and more
    Headphone output for private practice
    Rugged, road-ready cabinet
    Dimensions: 17.9" (H) X 14.7" (W) X 9.6" (D)
    Weight: 32 lb.

    115$ O.B.O
    In mint condition never been pushed hard either.

    Zoom 708II Effects Board

    69 Effects, 9 simultaneously.
    Several variations of chorus, flange, reverb, delay and wah.
    60 pre-programmed patches, 60 customizable
    Built-in Expression pedal
    Built-in drum machine with 60 patterns
    Built-in 6 second memory
    SmartMedia® cards expand your sampling time. (16MB = 4 Minutes, 128MB = 36
    Adjust playback speed without changing the pitch

    100$ O.B.O
    Mint condition maybe used for a total of 4 hours its perfect for beginners up to pros anyone can use this baby to tweak their tone!. :crying:

    Ok guys there you go...my loss is you're win hit me up with pm's or emails. My email is TopGun_Sw@hotmail.com Thanks guys man this isnt fun heh.
    :bawl: :bawl: :bawl:
  2. I think for many of us bass players/musicians, buying your gear would be unethical. theres gotta be a better way...

    good luck.
  3. You haven't yet, but selling ALL your bass gear could be seen that way on this board.... ;)
  4. Sorry dude due to circumstances out of mycontrol im in desprate need of money and i wont be able to get a job for a few months i dont wanna do this hence the posts name but ive gotta get some money fast otherwise badness will go down.

  5. I understand. Thats really too bad.
  6. Bump...need to move something soon heh...

    P.S. All trades will be considered...
  7. If I were you in your situation, I'd sell the high-end stuff first while keeping the Hartke and the Dean (especially since it's your first bass - how I wish I'd held onto mine for sentimental reasons). You'd bring in the bulk of the cash value of your gear, your mom might soften a bit and relent, and you'd still have a bass and amp with which to jam and keep your chops. Just my 2 cents...

    BTW, those Silverado Specials are absolutely great combos - nice thick warm tone out of the two 12s!

    Good luck, friend!
  8. Bump...

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