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The 'Scoop' Sound

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Caboose207, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. What amp would you recommend to utilise the 'Scoop' sound effectively?

    What I mean by 'Scoop' is that the mid-frequency is completely cut, or 'Scooped'.

    Examples of this include:

    Duff McKagan from Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver

    Justin Chancellor from Tool

    Chancellor's sound is what I am especially interested in, both musicians use a Gallien-Krueger amps and cabs.

    I'm just wondering if this is the best amp to go for this type of sound, with a Fender Jazz?
  2. any Ampeg thats svt3 and above
  3. Justin uses alot of amps not just GK
  4. I've heard he uses mesa boogie as well...

    I have had experience with that Ampeg series and no doubt it sounded good, but I was after something that sounded a little different...
  5. what amps does fieldy use?

    needed to be said.
  6. You havent heard Paul Gray's tone have you, its basically just low end without anything else, its even more scooped than Fieldy's tone.
  7. He used to use a Mesa M2000.... Not sure why or how, I have one cause I love it's mid frequency response.

    But yes you could label me a fieldy fan... if you have a death wish!

    SWR are really good at the scooped sound too.
    Try cutting mids and boosting highs and lows on any amp. Also with the Jazz bass, turn every dial right up! unless it's active...
  8. What about SWR? To me, those amps epitomize the scooped sound.
  9. Deluge Of Sound

    Deluge Of Sound Banned

    Nov 8, 2007
    I wouldn't say Justin Chancellor's tone is scooped...
  10. Or, get a Yorkville or Traynor. Scoop control on the panel.
  11. Mostly I use a passive Jazz with a Laney RBH800 with a Parametric EQ cut at around 500k and 1000k, which produces a decent sound but not what im looking for.

    At band practice I use a Trace Elliott with a Graphic EQ, which I prefer, but still not quite 'that' sound. This I boost at 90Hz and 60Hz, but cut at 250, 500 and 1000. I then boost at 2Khz and 5khz.
  12. He has one of the best midrange cuts of any bass tone I know... and is used most effectively to 'fill' out Tool's sound. Which is what I want to borrow...
  13. I once used a Neve Pre-amp which gave a decent scoop setting on my Jazz Bass, but it would be nice to create that into a live set up.
  14. i have heard paul gray's tone, but i find it comes out at you less than fieldy's. also i said fieldy because he's very well known for having the bajebus scooped out of his sound.

    paul gray however uses peavy amps i believe..
  15. Gearhead17

    Gearhead17 Supporting Member

    May 4, 2006
    Roselle, IL
    Just about any amp out there will give you the scooped sound if you do a large decrease between 400hz-800hz.

    Justin Chancellor - yeah, maybe a little midrange at about 300 hz is missing from his tone, but that edgier distorted tone he gets is definitely growling around 600hz all the way up to 5khz. He has a minimum of two channels to work with tone wise. So he can get clean low end with growly midrange easily mixed together live or in the studio.

    Fieldy - 30hz-150hz then kill everything between 150hz to 900hz and boost the 1khz-10khz range. You have that clicky rumble sound now. ANY AMP CAN DO THIS! Part of the trick to his tone was the bass he uses - the pre-amp on board could create a massive mid scoop and he would not have to do much to the amp to get what he wanted.

    Duff McKagan - I would not call his tone scooped at all. Listen to Sweet Child of Mine and you will hear a lot of midrange twang and growl throughout the entire song. You can hear his bass tone the entire time during Paradise City and it seems like the guitar (Slash) is more scooped than Duff.

    Honestly, a scooped sound in the band situation can work if you have at least a minimum of two cabs (I suggest 410's) and 500 watts or more to mess with. Fieldy's tone works because of the clacky high end sounds - the guitars will not reporduce this note and the drums sound distinctly different to this sound. He cuts through! You listen to the clicky tone and suddenly you can figure out where the booming low end is coming from. Sometimes he employes a distortion pedal to the high end only and he creates a very edgey bass tone - cuts through even more!

    The other trick is to reduce the low midrange 200hz-400hz and add distortion for a grindy rock tone. You still get the low end, the tone is less thick, you have more clarity and the distortion/overdrive gives you presence to be heard over the guitars.

    Try the ideas I mentioned and see what happens!

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