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    I just read a touring story and felt if had to be cut and pasted into TB as ammunition against your guitarists. It's by Duncan Fry, a well known Australian sound and lighting engineer:-

    "Bands - ya gotta love em. Some of them take themselves so seriously - It's not entertainment, it's art. Others are far more pragmatic, seeing a pub gig as a means to an end (and whose end, you may well ask?), a way to keep a room full of drunks happy for three hours. But they are a rarity.

    So, it's often the job of the crew to bring the band back to earth, for a reality check. And at the same time, a good old fashioned dose of what we intellectuals call "taking the piss"! It's a tough job but someone's got to do it!

    It was yet another gig in Shepparton for Jim and I. Surprisingly the band and crew all had hotel rooms, this being one of the rare times we weren't expected to drive back to Melbourne after the gig. So, after a nourishing meal of fish and chips, and an exciting game of avoid the locals, we were sitting in the lead guitarist's room nattering away while he tuned and strummed his guitar. Since we didn't have to drive anywhere we had put away a few drinks with dinner and now we were quite merry and ready for some fun.

    Jim had always fancied himself as a guitarist - in fact he now regularly performs in a one man trio up on the Gold Coast, and so in a lull in the conversation he turned to the guitarist.

    "Terry," he asked, "Do you think you could show me how to play The Solo?"

    "Sure mate, no problems," said Terry, who had not quite divined the grammatical exactness of Jim's question. "Which solo?"

    "THE solo," chortled Jim " know, the one you play in every song!"

    Terry leapt to his feet, mightily offended

    "No, Jim, no, what are you talking about - they're all different. How can you say that?" And he started to rant about how no-one understood him, he had the hardest job in the band, they didnt appreciate him, all the work he did.

    Then he calmed down, looking worried and said

    “Do you really think they sound all the same?”

    Actually they did, but we grinned and said “Nah - just kidding”
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  3. YEY go shepparton! i live 5 mins from there, good to get a mention
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    beautiful story....guitarists...whew!
  5. Lol great story :D