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  1. looks like a killer place to eat in BH, CA.

    hope to go there this weekend.


    anyone been there?

  2. i've been to the one in SF. pretty good. not great. and i love garlic.

    of course, the SF restaurant scene is so freaking intense that places like this don't stack up for the locals.
  3. the orange county scene is so weak, i'm sure i'll be impressed!

  4. word.
    i was trying to figure out what BH was... do you mean HB... hunnington beach?

    anyway, enjoy your meal. if you want garlic, get up to gilroy for the garlic fest. just take everything bubba from forrest gump said about shrimp, and replace shrimp with garlic... then throw in ice cream and candy bars. oh, and garlic beer.
  5. vbass


    May 7, 2004
    Bay Area, CA
    Garlic beer? Blasphemy....
  6. or heaven sent!

    BH = Beverly Hills.

    i'm behind the orange curtain, hence the weak scene comment.

    enema territory. only garlic will cure!

  7. roses never smell like ooo oooo ooo..yeah! roses never smell like ooo ooo oooo...