The Story Of Les And The Frogs!

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  1. Hi all. it's been 2 days since i saw Les and the FFb. i'm wiped so forgive me for my grammar and capitalization mistakes. Okay. So i go into the club. and it's a little warm. so my dad orders me a coke, anyway, we walk around for a bit before the opening band goes on. (i got a les claypool for president bumper sticker.) anyway the opening band comes on. i'm like oh great another grundge band. but no! they were a jazz jam band. very very very very very good. and every song had a bass solo in it! then i cruise around for a bit before finding a good spot on the balcony. alot of kids dancing around. it was really fun! anyway after the opening band comes les goes on. they opened with "feela un jinge." and my and my father were the only ones singing along!!!. then after the song les goes on saying how he got drunk and how he's hungover. but he's gonna sweat it out! then they played "highballed demon" really good. and then they play i think a song by sausgue. anyway after that's done he plays this killer version of "Shine on you crazy diamond" YAY!! then it's becomes a short break. bout 5 minutes. then they come out with this space helmets with lights on them. and then they play a cover of "space oddity" !! Then out of the blue they did a cover of planet clare!! then he whips out his upright 5 string playing a song i had noidea what it was. Then he pulls out a stick with a string on it. i couldn't tell. but anyway he starts hitten thing with a stick and got this killer sound out of it!! it's so cool!!! then just when i think it's over they go into the dressing room and the opening band comes back out. the the Flying Frogs come back out and they did a cover of "Tomorrow never knows" jam sessions in each song!!!!!! ended at 1 in the mornin'. better than my first concert. "Hanson" *shutters* so i'm gonna call it my first concert. So in review. *comic book guy on* Best Show Ever! *comic book guy off* :D !!!!

    Edit: The Stick With the String i later found out was a Atlansia. and he hit it with a bow. here's a pic
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    Dec 23, 2000
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    Too bad they won't come to the hell-hole where I live...
  3. Erlendur Már

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    May 24, 2000
    Ya know, yer really lucky..But ThePaste..You REALLY shouldn´t complain, if bands come to Iceland I have to spend about 150 dollars just to get to Reykjavik, the capital city..But anyway, sounds like you had fun FF..
  4. Sounds like a great show... They didnt come to Pissburgh, but I went to the Warped Tour so I probably wouldnt be able to go with both!

    glad to hear you had a good time!
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    Mar 13, 2001
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    that was THE BEST SHOW IVE EVER SEEN but you dont seem to be the average fan of colonol les claypool sonny.
    Thela Hun Gingeet is the King Crimson song they Opened with.
    Highball with the Devil was the other one you spoke of
    there was no sausage playing that i can recall.
    the five string song was earlier in the set and it was called Precipitation by Claypool and the Holy Mackeral

    there were a few covers (towards the end) that i had no idea about... if anyone could give me any info on them i would be forever in your debt...