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The Stupidist thing I've ever done in an audition was...

Discussion in 'Orchestral Auditions [DB]' started by sybarite, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. sybarite


    Mar 4, 2006
    New York, NY
    After trading some "unique" audition stories with numerous friends of mine on the audition cirtcuit, we decided that there should be a thread for "The Stupidist Things you've ever done" in a professional orchestra audition on Talkbass. So... here it is... post away!
  2. Hi guys, this isn't a pro. orchestra audition anecdote, but a funny audition anecdote all the same, i hope it will suffice.

    Last year i was a highschool student and i was selected for the "Maryland Distinguished Scholar of the Arts" scholarship. The scholarship is only applicable for Maryland public schools, none of which I had any intention of applying to, i just wanted the audition experience and i figured it would look good on a music resume. Of course when they asked me what college was my first choice i planned to say "U MD!!" However, 4 hours after the audition i was going to find myself on a plane to NYC to audition for Manhattan and NYU then to Boston for NEC and Berklee..

    I walked in with my bass and played some standards and they seemed interested in me. This began the interview portion of the audition, this is something i've never done tha well with. They asked standard questions.."how long have you been playing" "who have you studied with" "what would you like to do with music"...now...the real question..."where are you applying to college?" So, i rattled off every college NOT in MD. The interviewer raised an eyebrow and said "nothing in maryland?" without thinking for a second i immediately responded with "No, no not really....................................oh crap."
  3. THE SAW


    Sep 14, 2006
    Bob and I were IMing each other about this the other day. I won't tell you Bob's story, I'll leave it up to him.
    Well, I was about to play the trio of Beethoven 5 and was told by the proctor to start at the beginning of the trio. I whispered (maybe too loudly) that I had to start 4 or so bars before, to get primed. By the way, this was an audition with no screen. As the commitee stayed stonefaced, the proctor began to hassle and insist that I start at the trio.
    I don't like attitude-if you are the proctor, just STFU and let me play, right? I whispered that I would take off my shoe and beat him with it if he didn't shut up and let me play. Look, I was 34 at the time so give me a break, allright? Needless to say, they only listened to 2 more excerpts and I was dismissed.
  4. lol saw.
  5. NotACello


    Oct 11, 2006
    new york city!
    wow, it's shocking you didn't win the job...
  6. SRX705NT


    Sep 11, 2006
    Arden, N.C.
    ok this isint something i did but yesterday i went to all county auditions and i layed my bass down and took the bow out put it on the table and whe i walked in i saw another bassist practicing so after i put my bow down i go back over to my bass gte the rosin out and i look back over at the bassist and i see him sitting down and he bangs his fist on the table. so i obviously see hes pist and i look at his bass which is laying on the floor and i see theres no strings on the neck!! so i just stare at him from like half a cafeteria away and just look at him in amazment and then he walks over to me and shows me his bridge and it was brokern just enough so he cant play so he had to double up and play someone else's bass and he completely screwed up his auditions sooooo bad
  7. When I auditioned in Buffalo, they asked me to play Beethoven 5 in the first round, and instead of playing the excerpt I just started putting on rosin. As I was halfway through my rosins, they told me to start playing, and I replied, "I'm still putting on rosin." Then they asked me to leave.
    I guess I use too much rosin...? It always helps with my spiccato and my bass is like... totally dark.
  8. bejoyous


    Oct 23, 2005
    London, Ontario
    Yeah, I played the Buffalo audition as well. There were "only" 75 people auditioning.

    There were 4 excerpts they wanted to hear on the first round. I got them out of my collection of excerpts, rolled them up and put them in my bridge to walk out on stage. When I put them on the stand, somehow they were out of order. After I played the third excerpt second, someone yelled out, "Hey! Aren't ya gonna play the Beethoven?!" It really frazzled my nerves!

    Geez, chill out.
  9. BGreaney

    BGreaney Guest

    Mar 7, 2005
    This point came up at a Scott Pingel masterclass at MSM last year. Both he and Orin agreed that it was probably not a good idea to do that...personally, i don't really understand what all the fuss is about. Never actually heard of a panel saying anything about it before this though...
  10. New York Philharmonic, 1975- I was the first one to play that morning, and the committee asked for the Mahler solo. I started to put on my ebony mute, and was told not to bother. I was nervous, dropped the mute on the floor, and when I reached down to pick it up, my endpin skidded away from me and the bass hit the floor. I froze- the committee started writing furiously-and all I remember was the clock over my head going TICK TOCK TICK TOCK...
    I had more than a few cold ones that night!
  11. For my all-state sight reading piece it was wayyy too fast for my sight reading skills and I started and ended up god knows where and just stopped and said "Um... can I do that over again..?"

    They let me, but needless to say the second time through was equally bad. I have to really get my sight reading skills up. That section always kills me.
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