The t.mix PA systems?

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  1. vinomonom


    Jun 22, 2011
    Any body have any experience with thomann's the t.mix brand? i'm in a three piece with bass, vocals and acoustic guitar that needs to get a PA together for pub gigging. we were eyeing osme gear around the 800 euro region but then we got to try out some of thomann's the t.mix stuff which didn't sound too bad in rehersal. not ideal but not bad either.

    And here's the more expesive stuff we were looking into.


  2. Hi.

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    I have the excact Yamaha, and for the price it's a very good purchase. Recommended.
    Once You set Your mind to ignore the flimsiness of modern compact mixers, you'll love it.
    Treat it as a 6 channel mixer with some AUX inputs, and if that channel count is sufficient, at least give it a try.
    We played through the bigger 15" brothers of the 302 A's You linked quite a few shows, and other than being a bit shy on power (as expected ;)), not a bad choice on a budget. Served as monitors on most of the bigger gigs as well and after an upgrade on the mains those were used as monitors on all gigs.
    12" 's could be pushing it a bit in this case. Not that speaker diameter generally plays any role in spl or tone, but in the quality level we're talking about, it sure IME does.

    One crapped out almost immediately after the purchase, but Thomann replacement policy worked well and AFAIK both are still in use after about 10 years of rehearsals and weekend warrior gigging. Not bad for the price paid.

    With the little experience about t.mix, possibly an older non FX version of the head you linked, I'd stay away.
    VERY low on power, they can't hold a candle to Peavey watts or even Behringer watts when it comes down to marketing (/lying).
    No experience about the cab, but it doesn't look very promising.

    Used isn't an option?

    As a wise older gentleman on the dark side once said something like this about CCB's: "if You have to make a mistake, at least take advantage of someone elses first".

    Better yet, find some lead-sled oldies for not much more.

  3. vinomonom


    Jun 22, 2011
    thanks for the reply, very helpfull!