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The Tonewood Debate - Finally Solved?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by smtp4me, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. smtp4me


    Sep 30, 2013
    Philadelphia, PA
    Stumbled upon this video and thought I would post the link, and grab some popcorn.

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  2. Gorn


    Dec 15, 2011
    Queens, NY
    I have two apples. One granny smith and one gala. The granny smith has a mushy spot. Therefore, all granny smith apples have mushy spots. This is true in a world where sample sizes don't matter.
  3. I think the color affects the sound! A TORT pick guard will improve the sound of any guitar!


    Feb 10, 2016
    Michigan USA
    Well er, um, i got nuthin'.
  5. BusyFingers


    Nov 26, 2016
    that guy is a legitimate riffmeister, and legendary among guitarists for his speaker shootout. i will be back later to check thisout.
  6. bearfoot


    Jan 27, 2005
    schenectady, ny
  7. metron

    metron Supporting Member

    Sep 12, 2003
    Nope. No popcorn. No solution.

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  8. Gilmourisgod


    Jun 23, 2014
    Cape Cod MA
    This is one of those TB topics that will never convince adherents or sceptics about Tonewood one way or the other if it contradicts previously held and long treasured beliefs. I had a conversation the other day with a really sweet woman who sincerely believes the world is only 8,000 years old, and that Dinosaur bones were placed in the ground by God to test the faith of Archaeologists. No amount of scientific evidence will convince her otherwise, she got no arguments from me. People can believe whatever they want or need to believe. I happen to believe that the neck wood has some influence on tone, the body wood less so, but I have no interest in proving it to somebody else. FWIW, the maple body sounded a little brighter through my headphones.
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  9. I heard a difference between all three. Some riffs sounded almost identical where others where noticeably different sounding.
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    Feb 10, 2016
    Michigan USA
    Just like an electric guitar.
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  11. No contest, everybody knows that plywood sounds the best. But seriously I think the wood makes a difference in the tone of a bass, sustain, clarity etc. I thought the mahogany sounded best for chords, was more middy, mellow sounding, maple was brighter and Fir kind of tinny sounding, all in all I liked the mahogany the best. I usually like Gibson guitars the best. Les Pauls are my favorite sounding guitar and I assume they are mostly mahogany.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2017
  12. inanimate_carb


    Aug 11, 2016
    Not on this forum. No. way. in. hell. - As long as there's bass owners that can't hear the difference between a minor and major third but CAN hear the difference between Pau Ferro and Dalbergia Negra, the debates will continue.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2017
  13. warrplayer


    Apr 16, 2008
    Charlotte, NC
    Well, of course all guitars sound the same! He needs to redo this test with basses!
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  14. tbplayer59


    Jan 20, 2013
    Wood matters. It doesn't always matter in the same way. Better is subjective.
  15. Richie Se7en

    Richie Se7en Finger-lickin' Hood Supporting Member


    I can't watch more than 30 seconds of this with that guys big toe waving around threatening me like that. :eek:
  16. 40Hz

    40Hz Supporting Member

    This topic is just another excuse to avoid practicing. Want better tone? Focus less on wood - and more on woodshed. ;)
  17. ThePresident777


    Oct 6, 2013
    IF you can hear the difference then you're not using enough fuzz.
  18. IconBasser

    IconBasser Scuba Viking Supporting Member

    Feb 28, 2007
    Alta Loma, California
    not the best example of one of these videos. Too much variation in his playing. Attack and precision matter much more to your sound than wood does.

    Still, like every other A/B comparison video on tonewoods I've seen, I definitely hear a slight difference between mahogany and maple.
  19. GIBrat51

    GIBrat51 Innocent as the day is long Supporting Member

    Mar 5, 2013
    Lost Wages, Nevada
    One of the problems with being an engineer is that, no matter what the item in question is, you know that the answer to "Does .... affect the ....?" is always YES. No matter how minutely, how barely measurable by the best science, everything affects everything else. Period. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle applies, too... Which is why the Great Tone Wood Swamp is a place I have no, none, not any desire to wade around in... It's ultimately pointless, and can give you a bad case of foot fungus, too...:whistle:
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2017
  20. franklindayala


    Feb 8, 2015
    As James Hetfield once said... "Sad but true"...Jajajaja.... Ouch....