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The Tools for The Job.!!

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by ZenBass, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. I have a Boss GT-6B effects unit and i find it absolutly useless for live use, the sound difference between effects is substantial, I even spent time setting all the levels up between effects but especially stomping between my use-set tone and a Cry baby for example, a huge drop in volume. It also does crazy things like, I have be playing a long and suddenly my bass drops right out for no apparently reason, I have to stomp down a effect and back up and hey presto my bass returns, I don't know why it does it, I factory reset it and it still does it. I was also not blow away byt the quality of effects either. Great for playing about with but practicle on-stage use far to fiddley. This is why I have decided to go back to basics and have a Stu Hamm esq pedal setup. Individual pedals that are designed to do a specific job.

    My question is (after that carrying-on :p), What pedals do people use? THe ones I think i would use the most would be

    1. Pedal Tuner the cuts the signal
    (would like a rack but cannot afford a Korg DT2000))
    2. Compressor Pedal
    (I have a Boss limiter,pretty good not not quite what I am looking for)
    3. Overdrive/Distortion Pedal to add that extra edge when going into chorus's or bridge section (thinking Hell is for Hero's style)
    4. Cry Baby pedal for that Flea style crazy slapping.

    Can anyone recommend good quality pedals that do these jobs.

    I have used some Boss pedals in the past and have liked them.

    I am really keen on the EBS pedals but cannot find one to try..!!!..

    Any help muchly appreciated.. :)

    Cheers you guys..!!!
  2. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    I think your Trace Elliot has a tuner output (if you dont already use it) and a mute switch on the front. I mute the amp and leave the tuner on top, hooked up to the tuner out. Tuner pedals can cause the old tone suckage. Which leads me onto...

    Once again your Trace Elliot should have an effects loop. Mine has a blend knob on the front and more importantly a high pass switch which means you can use any guitar orientated pedal and blend in the amount of low frequencies and balance the wet/dry signal.

    I personally use (rarely) the compressor on the amp and if I want dirt use a valve amp but here's some starters until you get proper recomendations

    http://www.robertkeeley.co.uk the compressor is a Ross clone and people rave about it but not the prices. Substitute .co.uk with .com and see if Robert will deal with you directly (he used to).

    http://www.peachideas.co.uk are the UK http://www.fulltone.com dealer and the Bassdrive is a favourite (I have the guitar versh and apparently the bassdrive is the same pedal but voiced lower)
  3. David Wilson

    David Wilson Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2002
    Lower Westchester, NY
    Hi there,
    you don't mention your budget so I can't do too many recommendations without knowing that.

    1. Tuner

    Boss TU-2

    2. Compressor

    There's the EBS multicomp, which I have. Also the Digitech Bass Squeeze, which is a good bit cheaper. They both do multiband compression, but the Digitech has the ratios available for changing on the pedal whereas you have to open up the ebs to change the high/low ratios.

    3. This is one of the most frequently asked questions round here. And also one of the most contentiously answered!

    There are a bucket of bass overdrive/distortion pedals out there.

    You have : boss odb-3, fulltone bassdrive, ebs multidrive, big muff, digitech bass drive and a bunch of other ones. If you do a search in this forum, you'll find plenty of threads discussing each of these. My personal favorite is the fulltone bassdrive.

    4. Cry Baby Pedal

    There are a good few wah wah pedals which cover the necessary frequencies for use on bass. There's the Dunlop 105-Q, Morley make one too I think. I have the Boss V-Wah, which is programmable and has several different wah styles available (crybaby, univox etc).
  4. My Trace head is an old style 130SMC and doesnt have a tuner output or Mute foot pedal attachment or an effects (hopefully this will be changing soon when i upgrade my head to an AH500-12)

    A foot pedal tuner is handy so u dont need to keep walking back to your amp to check the tuner all the time, its in front of you, no backs to the crowd. which i would have running through a tuner output (if i had one). The problem with the Boss pedal is a practicality use (my guitarist uses one) When its dark on stage, you get referance LED's but when you tuning strings you dont know if the note u've tuned silently is E or Eb because when the LED light up on the note you cannot read it all you see is an LED.

    A compressor is great for me, it would help fill out my tonal space cause being in a three piece the larger the sound the better (without over doing it). As Ive said I love the EBS Multicomp. I could however get a Rack MDX2000 fairly cheap, and have different settings for each cab so i can balance the sound between them. Tempted by a Trace Elliot Compressor Pedal, they are very good but again i would like to try one before i bought it, and finding ones in the a shop is so0o hard, even tho they do occasionally pop up on ebay.

    A distortion pedal would be great assest as Ive said to fill out that sound in the chorus/bridges of songs. looking on here, people really do like the EBS pedal again and the fulltone does get thumbs up (again its finding one hehe) Cause the distortion on the GT-6B is nothing short of shocking..just adds a layers of noise so you miss out on them distortion overtones that give a warm and dirty sound. My dream would to be a Trace Elliot V8 head so I could use the onboard overdrive section.. very yummie

    A wah for me at the moment come to think about wouldnt be used in gigs as the type of music (Biffy Clyro, Hell is for Hero's, At the Drive In ) doesnt require.

    My view is to keep it simple, have equipment that do the job that required. A compressor pedal should have a compressor. Not a distortion with a compressor seting and gate for example.

    Thanks for the help, thus fair. always helpful
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