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The top 5 Basses I would have if i was a millionaire...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by VictorLeMonteWooten, Dec 7, 2000.

  1. VictorLeMonteWooten


    Dec 6, 2000
    1. Pre-CBS precision
    2. Pre-cbs jazz bass
    3. 5 sting frettless 70s musicman
    4. 5 string fretted 70s musicman
    5. 70s carl thompson 6 string fretted

    i'm pretty sure i'm missing a couple, oh well

    I would also have a chapman stick for those of you who know what a chapman stick is
  2. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
    Ecuador (South America)
    Audio Pro - Ecuador
    1.Modulus Quantum 6 /Bartolini NTMB
    2.Curbow XT-33 7 String
    3.Ernie Ball/Music Man Stingray or Sterling
    4.Curbow International Exotic Petite 6 String Fretless
    5.Spector NS2 /Emg 18Volt + Piezo

    That would be my Lineup.
    Of course I would still have my Cort Curbows. :D

    For amp:
    I would have 2.
    1.Ampeg STV2PRO / SVT810PRO
    2.SWR SM900 /SWR Goliath III /Big Ben

    Well, there isnt a Top 5 list really.. Every bassist wants every bass.
  3. VictorLeMonteWooten


    Dec 6, 2000
    I think the ampeg (810) is basically pointless. For bass you need 15s not 10, but the best sounding is a wide variety of speakers:
    about 2 15s 2 12s 2 10s 4 5s and a couple tweeters

    that there would handle about 1500 watts of power.

    I beleive all you need for power is about 250 watts, if you need anymore just plug it in top the pa.

  4. My top 5 would be:

    1: Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray
    2: Fender 1962 Precision Bass
    3: One o' them Warwicks (don't know any of the names)
    4: Fender Pre-CBS Jazz Bass
    5: Conklin 7-string custom
  5. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
    Ecuador (South America)
    Audio Pro - Ecuador
    Actually, with that array of speakers you mentioned, I would bet you will have an Impedance Mismatch.Also you will have strong and weak points in the frequency responce area.
    250Watts is not enough for that amount of speakers. No matter the power rating, it will likely clip the amp, blow the speakers and sound like rats.

    About the 10's. 10's are good.They define one of the most traditional sounds in rock music. All of this depends on cab design.
  6. Carl Thompson Fretted 6
    CT Fretless 6
    CT Fretted 4 with a trem
    Warwick Infinity fretted 4
    Zon Lightave fretted 5 (assuming they'll make 5's eventually)
  7. whoops.. they do make lightwave 5's
  8. Amps and effects.. hmm.. I'd probably get one of those London Power Spectrums (700w all tube.. scaleable wattage so you can break up at lower volumes) and an array of Bag End cabs..


    Fulltone Bassdrive, Fulltone Dejavibe 2, Fulltone Clyde Wah, Fulltone Choralflange, EHX bass synth, and everything made by Moog and Lovetone.. all the EBS pedals too..
  9. ka-tet


    May 2, 2000
    1. F Bass BN5
    2. F Bass BN6
    3. F Bass BNF5 (fretless)
    4. Zon Sonus Custom 5 fretted
    5. Fodera Emperor 5

    I already own a couple these but if I didn't and was rich, I'd still buy the F Basses first.
  10. basses....
    1. Carl Thompson 4 string fretted
    2. Modulus 4 string fretted flea bass
    3. Fender Pre CBS Jazz bass (4 string fretted)
    4. Fender Custom Shop "Mark Hoppus" Bass (jazz body and neck, fitted with a P pickup)
    5. Carl Thompson Fretted 6 string.


    1. One of those old Ampeg SVT all tube heads, vintage Ampeg 8x10 (if they didnt have 8x10s back then, then two 4x10's)
    2. Mesa/Boogie 400+ with a mesa/boogie 8x10 cab
    3. Eden WT-800 with D-410 xlt/ d-1x15 xlt stack
    4. Mesa/Boogie m-2000 with 2x15's
  11. gweimer


    Apr 6, 2000
    Columbus, OH
    Well, for my money I think a little more eclectic, and look for different qualities.

    1. Already have it - my 1963 Epiphone Embassy. It's my darlin', but I could consider buying a match for it.
    2. Zemaitis bass - hand-crafted excellence, and the sound is deep and rich. Not too shabby for a $25,000 bass.
    3. Mike Lull (or maybe Sadowsky) Precision style bass, or maybe a nice 1964 Precision. This is a toss-up. I had an original Fender that I really liked, but it's getting harder to find them in great condition, so there's absolutely nothing wrong with getting a fine hand-crafted version of a classic from a highly regarded professional.
    4. Ampeg AEB-1 made by Bruce Johnson. I love the look and sound of these basses - and only 750 originals were ever made. Many of them have been modded, and based on what I've heard, and what Bruce shows on his website, I think that getting one of his (and he was licensed by Ampeg to market them) would be the better investment.
    5. Custom built bass by Bob Gorny out of Chicago. This man does beautiful work. I had one of his basses for a night years ago, but couldn't afford it. I swore that night that I'd one day have one.

    Amps? Screw all of the commercial lines. I think I'd invest in a system built around a top-notch pre-amp, with cabs powered by Crown amps or the like. So, an 18" reflex cab with an 800w amp driving it, a 2x15 cab with a 400w amp, and maybe a 4x10 hanging off a 200w amp. The pre-amp would control the works...maybe I'm talking something like the SWR Mo'bass, or maybe something a little more custom.
  12. LowfreqB


    Nov 10, 2000
    United States
    Top 5 basses

    1 Stingray 5 fretless
    2 Fender Jazz deluxe
    3 Fender Hotrod P bass
    4 Rickenbacker 4001
    5 German upright french bow

    Amp set-up

    SM900 & Mackie 1400i
    couple of SWR 4x10's and
    a couple of SWR triads
  13. Slater

    Slater Leave that thing alone. Supporting Member

    Apr 17, 2000
    The Great Lakes State
    How can you be missing a couple? You started this thread and limited the list to 5. :D
  14. cole


    Sep 14, 2000
    1. 1957 Fender Precision
    2. 1964 Fender Precision
    3. 60's Rickenbacker 4001 (mapleglo)
    4. 1968 paisley Telecaster Bass (for cheese purposes)
    5. Moog Taurus pedals (the original version)

    amps? dunno. something with a switch that gives me that Greg Lake overdriven sound from live '69 Crimson. also, I want to be the one bass player with tube tremolo in his amp.
  15. VictorLeMonteWooten


    Dec 6, 2000
    What i meant was that i'm forgetting about a couple of basses that could replace others.

  16. pierce

    pierce freethinker

    May 25, 2000
    San Francisco, Ca
    1. carl thompson
    2. zon hyperbass
    3. custom conklin 7 string
    4. warrior 18 string
    5. a "silent" upright that sounds good

    1. ampeg svt-classic with a 215 cab
    2. ampeg svt-350 with an 810 cab
    3. #1 and #2 in stereo
    4. a levander series L combo
    5. a 10000 watt amp with a cab that was 32' square
  17. Can I play?
    1)Original Dano doubleneck 4/8 stringer
    2)1st gen. T-bird
    3)Zon Sonus 8 stringer
    4)63 custom color jazz with original tag...(don't touch it!) (Listen to that sustain) (well, if it were playing you would hear it)
    5)'56 slab tele bass

    5 aguilar 400 watt tube amps(1 spare) driving
    4 custom Aguilar 810 cabs.

    I win, I win!
    Did I win? :D
  18. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    They sure do steamboat! :D:D . AND Bass Northwest
    has (a fretless) one for sale. You gotta' email or call
    for the price. How's that old saying go, "If you have to
    ask...". Just look at that tiger maple :eek:

    http://bassnw.com/New Exotic Basses/zon_sonus_lightwave_fretless_5_st.htm

    pierce ! Jack Read makes a pretty sweet version of the hyperbass and a basic model starts at
    around $2000 LESS than the Zon basic model (the one without all the de-tuners).


    Yo Santa! Are you leestenin' man?!?
  19. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    1 Musicman Stingray 5 got it
    2 Warwick Thumb got it
    3 Lakland 5 string in your dreams
    4 Custom shop 57 P keep dreaming
    5 Le Duc U bass 5 string semi acoustic headless bass with piezo no frets and no controls !
  20. I.'.I.'.Nakoa

    I.'.I.'.Nakoa Guest

    Aug 10, 2000
    Fort Worth.

    1. Jerzy drozd obsession 5 fretted
    2. a custom 5 string soundgear with a down sized body, padauk wood, and bartolini electronics.
    3. zon sonus 5 fretted
    4. pedulla rapture 5 string
    5. wal 5 string.


    Mackie 2000i(i think thats it)
    a trace elliot pre amp
    2 swr henry the 8 by 8's
    2 david eden 810 cabs..

    maybe someday.. =oD


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