The true story about Jaco Pastorius:

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    Following story was originally posted by me in this thread: Why did Jaco remove the pickguard? , but though it turned out so well and even quite plausible an explanation that I had to do a thread of it's own for it.

    It's a common misconception that the famous Bass of Doom has no pickguard.

    What a lot of people don't realize is that Jaco was in fact a skilled magician who had stood apprentice to a very powerful old gypsy witch doctor.

    How he got his skills on the bass too: Magic!

    In reality he simply weaved an ancient esoteric gypsy incantation over the pickguard that made it invisible.

    This relates to what happened late in his career as well:

    It requires a lot of will power, mental strength and discipline to withstand the chaotic energies that is the source of all magic.

    Eventually he simply lost the battle and began to succumb to the immense magical forces he once held and mastered and they slowly took over his mind, leaving him unpredictable and unable to uphold full concentration over his work.

    To compensate he began to use drugs and alcohol which only caused him to loose control further.

    This together with the loss of his totem bass approximately one year earlier, leaving him without any focus point for his powers, was what ultimately sadly led to his untimely death.

    And such ended the tragic story of one of our century's probably most talented and promising young magicians.
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  2. There is a dangerous magic in music that often destroys the most talented of explorers seduced by their muse, most certainly Jaco was one of those consumed by the hungry demon goddess. Add his name to the list of the centuries that includes Mozart, Rott, Parker, Coltrane, Hendrix, Green, Vaughan, Christian, LaFaro. But we must ask if this be a tale of woe, warning or a celebratory recognition of glorious sacrifice and the beauty recorded for the study of ages?

    The candle that burns twice as brightly sadly lasts half as long.
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    You forgot the old Robert Johnson legend about the crossroads. Its not there talent that kills them, its that way of life.

    as far as Jaco goes, he took the PG off all his basses, just his preference , nothing magic about it

  4. Plausible?
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    The only magic about Jaco is that he was exceptionally gifted. On top of that, he studied, performed and worked tirelessly to achieve what he did in the short time he had to do it.