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The Two--"Real Good Looking Boy" and "Old Red Wine"

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Steve Holroyd, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. While the thought of a Who without both Moon and Entwistle seems kind of pointless (thus, my referring to PT and RD as "The Two"), I wanted to hear the two new tracks off their 100th greatest hits compilation, Then And Now. So, using the new Wal Mart service, I grabbed the two songs.

    First, Pino plays on the Entwistle tribute, "Old Red Wine." Greg Lake(!) provides bass on the other track, "Real Good Looking Boy." Neither makes an attempt to play in an Ox-like fashion. Drummer Zak Starkey--an obvious Moon devotee live--tries to provide Keithish flourishes, but comes off rather flat.

    Frankly, the production of Simon Townshend must take some of the blame; servicable, but with none of the panache that, say, Glyn Johns brought to the group. Besides the rather tame rhythm section, PT's harmony vocals are close to inaudible.

    The songs themselves are very good. Whether they are Who songs or PT songs with RD on vocals I'll leave to the listener. And, yes, there is a difference: while RD sang PT songs with the Who, the *sound* was very much that of a band when JAE and KM were around.

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