The Watermelon King - Kyle Honea (Jason Becker of bass.)

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  1. The Watermelon Monster - Kyle Honea

    Nobody can touch this guy when it comes to shredding. I just got his demo in the mail for free since he saw that I was an aspiring shred master one day, and man, NOBODY comes near this guy at all. I can't see how anyone cannot feel the emotion in some Shred....I guess different strokes from different floks. With 4 strings and 24 frets (and a left handed custom bass) this guy has pushed the boundries of what we know as 2 hand tapping. I dont' think Billy Sheehan can touch his shred, I don't think Stu could touch his tapping, I dont even think Victor can (and I highly admire all of these people.)

    The last track shows his guitar skills, and there's a very sick distortion, but what I like about the bass tracks is that he's not hiding behind a distortion, he's out in the open, clean, and with hands of God behind him.

  2. Pretty boring stuff. I like shred as much as the next guy but I like to hear it in the context of songs and not over boring midi drum loops.

    This guy obviously has a lot of chops I'd like to hear him in a real band.
  3. He's gonig to be on Francesco Fareri's new solo album on July 29th :hyper:
  4. yeah, he's got talent, but those drums bother he seems to be playing the same arpeggios on each song. each song kinda sounds the same. he's got talent though
  5. his solo album, the songs soudn different. (The Watermelon Monster) I can't wait to hear him with a real drummer/band :hyper: