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The weights of my basses

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Bass Viking, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. I bought a digital scale and thought it would be interesting to weigh my basses. Here are the results, from low to high:

    Sadowsky M524 - 8.5 lbs
    Peavey fury - 8.57 lbs
    Carvin Icon 4 string - 8.7 lbs
    Lakland USA 4-94 - 8.9 lbs
    Warwick Infinity 4 string - 9 lbs
    Warkoth parts bass (koa body/bubinga neck) - 9.33 lbs
    Carvin SB5000 - 9.55 lbs
    Ken Smith BSR5MW - 9.755 lbs
    Warmoth parts bass (limba body/wenge neck) - 10.17 lbs

    Yeah, I know, not the most fascinating thread but it gives you some idea of what to expect if you're considering purchasing one of these models.
  2. fuzz_factor


    Aug 6, 2008
    If it helps anyone, my 2007/08 Fender P-bass (has the new '08 upgrades) weight 8lbs. 10 oz. It's one of the lighter ones I've played.

    EDIT: Specifically, my bass is a 2007 Fender American Standard Precision bass, but it's one of the late ones that got all the new '08 features from the factory - no user mods. I used a digital 70# postal scale to weigh the bass.
  3. Everything you wanted to know, plus a spreadsheet with weights of over 300 basses. Add your info in the thread and I'll add the weights to the spreadsheet next time I update it. Please provide make, model, year, weight and any special mods.


    Looks like I need to do an update - that thread is on page 18 and my last update was on page 15. Feel free to download it.
  4. psp742

    psp742 Washburn above others.

    Jun 4, 2012
    Morganville, NJ
    i used a luggage weighing device... weight the bass padded bag without bass guitar and later weight with the bass inside... my 86' Washburn Force 4 ABT B-30 weight about 8.31lbs

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