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The Whoopise-Daisy sale: Chunk Systems Agent 00Funk

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by Kwesi, May 3, 2010.

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  1. So last week I was super happy because I had finally bought a Agent 00Funk which is a pedal I had been after for a long time... or so I thought. That got here earlier today. Later, I'm cleaning up the dorm and trashing old papers and whatnot and in one of my drawers that I never open I find... another Agent 00Funk, YAY!!! Not really... I had forgotten that I took that one off of my board about a month back because I can only power 8 pedals at one time and I was trying out lots of different pedals at the time. Now, in probably my biggest memory lapse to date, I own two Agent 00Funk pedals! I'm not nearly old enough to be forgetting $100+ purchases, lol. I'm definitely keeping one but I've got no need for two so take one of these awesome pedals off of my hands and put it on your board!

    Both are in solid 9/10 condition with the only difference between them being that one has a Brown Dog's battery door and the other has no rubber feet. I have no use for the feet so if you want them I can put them on whichever one you choose to buy. They both have velcro on the bottom.

    I'll let either go for $170 shipped in the CONUS and I'm not currently entertaining any trades. Keep in mind that only one is being sold, the other is staying with me :cool:!

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