The wife OK's a rehearsal room!

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    After drafting my wife to sing for my new project I casually suggested to her that the guest bedroom might be a convenient place for us to practice. It already had my basses and Pedal Steel, but it was still a bedroom with a double bed taking up a a bit less than half of the floor space.

    To my surprise she immediately agreed! I flipped the bed on it's end, draped some blankets over it and pushed the mattress against the adjacent wall to absorb a bit of noise and we setup my buddies drum kit. Then I brought down my 70's Sun Alpha 4 mixer (4 channel, 1/4 inch inputs and mono!) and a couple of old speakers from the attic. Run a couple of cables and a bit of arranging and I have a band room!

    I've occasionally had a guitarist over to jam, but I've never had a rehearsal space in-house before. We do have to work around my kid's naps, but we've used it twice so far as an ensemble and it's incredible how much work we can get done in a 2 hour practice when we don't have to do much more than sit down and play.

    If playing at higher volume it'd probably be a feedback nightmare, but it hasn't been a problem at all for us. The current band is an Alt-Country/Americana project and we're all mature enough to know we don't need to take it to "11" during rehearsal.

    Here's most of the room.

    Dummer corner. Was it wise to give him easy access to the PA?...;)

    The gear closet. The bass cab is kind of busted ( I play through the PA), but the small PA speaker here faces right toward the singer.

    The Rack!

    The upright and PSG setup stayed where they were when it was a bedroom. I'm taking PSG lessons (I'm truly terrible) and it's nice to be able to practice by the window. I really have to get around to hanging that Rothko print...

    There's always more that could be done, but I've got some tasteful objects on one side of the room, now all we need is a couple of framed posters on the other and it'll be just about perfect!
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  2. Wow, nice collection.
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    Pedal Steel!

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    Except for the PSG setup (thanks to my brother) it's mostly budget gear, but over the years I've distilled it into a collection that I'm very happy with.

    Truthfully, at this point it's more of a stringed table that makes unhappy sounds, but I'm getting a very-tiny-bit better every week!
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    Not saying this may happen to you too, but...we used to have our "spare" bedroom set up as our practice area too, but then the wife said there is so much more room in the master bedroom, why don't we sleep in the little room and practice in the big one? I love her dearly.
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    She deserves some Oatmeal for being so cool.
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    that's a really nice little practice space!

    if only we didn't live in a condo...