The Wrecking Crew Documentary: See it, any thoughts?

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    Mar 20, 2000
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    2 nights ago I went to see a screening of "The Wrecking Crew" which is the Los Angeles equivalent to "Standing In The Shadows Of Motown" (about the Detroit musicians who fueled the Motown Sound).

    I have some observations on the film which I wish to discuss with the TalkBass bass players. The bass players who were the Wrecking Crew were Jimmy Bond, Joe Osborne, Chuck Berghofer, Larry Knechtel and others including (a case of CRS) Carol Kaye. So unlike SITSOM there was not just one person in each chair (as some people would have you believe "I did it all...").

    My first observation is one of a son's devotion to his father. The docu was produced by Denny Tedesco, who is the son of Famed Studio guitarist Tommy Tedesco (Whom I knew from Musicians Institute). Denny did a great job in general but it is a stunning tribute to his dad (and the other musicians too).

    The other connection to SITSOM are the claims of one of the members of TWC to music that was generally known to be recorded by the Funk Brothers. To my surprise there was no mention of the Carol Kaye Motown claims in this movie. I really suspected that at least one person in that movie that would have brought the subject up and (supposedly) even supported Carol's claims and there was no mention at all (considering we are talking about the same time periods involved (the 1960's)).

    Before the showing of TWC I thought it would be in contention with SITSOM over issues regarding who actually recorded certain songs. TWC really supports what was in SITSOM almost to a fault. IMO, It will be a real different story when Carol Kaye writes her book and I expect all of the other L.A. musicians will be stated as supporting CK's claims in her version of what happened.

    I find it strange that in their (TWC) account of what the L.A. recording scene was like there was not even a mention of Motown because while they were there doing that time period recording things like The Supremes Sing Rodgers & Hart and other recordings done to bring Motown Artists to crossover status (Those recordings are largely forgotten today while the classic Motown recordings are as popular as ever) because they did not have a part of the classic Motown music until the 1970's when they moved from Detroit to Los Angeles.

    I look at all this as another nail in the coffin regarding the myth that Carol Kaye played bass on the classic IWMTLH and Bernadette recordings.

    In summation I would have thought that this movie would have at least addressed the controversy started by Kaye but IMO it only confirms that her stories were just that... Her Stories.