The wrist is stronger than science?

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  1. I fingerpick. But i've been noticing some players lately using a technique i forbid myself to use. These players pick with their hands at about a 40 degree angle to their forearms. I do a lot of typing, and i know that kind of strain can cause problems such as carpel tunnel, though most people probably don't care. I just hope that in 60 years i'll still be playing. Plus, i feel very moronic while playing like that. Any thoughts?
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    I've been playing for 20 or so years. I play with my picking hand at about a 90 degree angle to my forearms. I've never had any problems due to this. My thought is that most of the CPS/RSI issues today have much more to do with keyboarding and the mouse than to musical instruments.
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    The 90 degree technique (which I also use a version of) derives from classical guitar technique, which has been around a lot longer than any of us. I've also been using it for almost 20 years, and the only problem I ever have with it is when I try to apply too much force for an extended period of time. I studied classical guitar for years and never once met a single guitarist suffering from anything remotely resembling CTS in their right hand.

    Pianists, on the other hand, are more likely to get CTS than any other type of instrumentalist I've ever encountered, and they typically play with straight, flat wrists. Go figure.....