The "you snooze, you lose!" thread

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  1. Maybe this could be an idea for a new thread. I am interested in hearing your stories. Ever lost a great opportunity for gear or gig because you were too slow?

    Early 80's Electra (Westone) X630N for $150, it was in great shape, just a couple dings on the body, the bridge could be replaced, and it was FRETLESS. I would have paid $150 without arguing (as it was worth it).

    I spotted it yesterday afternoon, I kept telling myself I needed to go get it right away. I thought "Nah, an old bass like that, kids will not want to buy it..."

    I took appointment for tonight after work and the guy just emailed me to tell me it's gone.

    A gui**** (!!!!) showed up to buy one of his guitars and offered more money.

    Lesson learned.

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    Apr 20, 2009
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    Sounds like a good thread to me.

    Guild JS-1 modded to be a JS-2 (well sort of) with DiMarzio Model 1s and BAII bridge.

    For 150 dollars.

    Sent my email saying "Good God Yes I want it gimme gimme" but Yahoo or the internet ate it. Went to someone else when I figured out what happened. BOOOO INTERNET.
  3. some guy was selling a mim fender p bass with a lil combo amp for 100 bucks,as soon as i emailed him to ask if it was a real fender or a squire it was already sold