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  1. ok, so im not quite sure how to write one of these up, but ill give it a shot anyway. so today i headed downtown to meet the_antipop (who had to drive an hour or so to get here) and we headed to the music store. we hung out for a few hours and even had a few pints. i bought his warwick thumb, which was in 9.9/10 condition. so for anyone who may be buying off him, dont worry at all. hes a really good guy, a good business man, and a wicked slap player. if i think of anything else ill add it later

  2. Thanks B

    All I can really say is this is a cool guy who loves his bass.

    Don't worry about him at all, he is harmless :p

    p.s. You have to tab out that song you tapped. It was stuck in my head the whole ride home