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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Alex Xander, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys - this is my first post here, but Im a long time lurker.

    I just though I needed to share the experience of getting a bass built by Todd Martin @ thedarkhollow.com. Navigate to the page and check out the Pimp Bass, it's a 7 string fretless.

    After looking for someone to create a sub $2000 custom for me I stumbled upon Todds site. I did a search on talkbass and dug up some old posts putting him in the same boat as wishbass. Let me state right now that whoever put those psts up was DEAD WRONG. I took a punt and after deciding on a design and woods Todd gave me a quote. 3 months later the bass turned up on my door. Like a kid a xmas I opened the box and was not dissappointed. Let me state now that I am not a stranger to expensive gear, I have numerous guitars an basses at around the $1500 mark. After picking my jaw up off the floor I quickly went home from work to try the beast out. First impresion - the neck is huge -it will never move (though its fitted with 2 trussrods anyway). The nut was high straight out of the box, so I filed it down (youd think he would have done that before shipping) and the resultant acion was amazing. The fingerboard has no radius.

    Plugged into my Bass pod live then into a biamped rig with a folded horn sub and a single 10 top I got playing. The sound was very focussed and clear, with not a huge amount of bass in the 60-80hz region but punchy lower mids - the sort that would cut it through any mix. It mwahs so good Jaco would be envious. Im yet to play in a live situation with it, but I will definately post my findings when I do.

    Sorry for the bad review - descibing tone is not my strong point.

    All in all - Im extremely happy with the bass, the finish action and tone are all outstanding. The best bit - only $1600USD shipped to Australia for a 7 sting fretless bass, handmade with exotic wooods.

    No such thing as a free lunch?

    You bet there is

    Soundclips to follow

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