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  1. Hi guys

    i've ALWAYS been awestruck by Thela Hun Ginjeet, actually the whole Discipline album to me still sounds as fresh as it did 500.000 listens ago... or is it a million ?
    what can i say ?...

    recently i ''dared'' try play it's bass part & low & behold i managed to pull it off, with one slight exception that is :
    no matter what i do, i ALWAYS come in at the wrong time, either too soon or too late & it's KILLING ME !!, talk about frustrating

    so i was wondering : can anyone here teach me how to do it or tell me where to buy the ''secret Kool-Aid'' that will allow me to ?

    please be gentle, i have VERY basic bass skills, can't read notation & so on :-b

    any help will be very appreciated, many thanks guys
  2. cnltb


    May 28, 2005
    I'd transcribe the piece.
    This make things visual and easier.
  3. FretlessMainly


    Nov 17, 2010
    I just gave it a listen (first time in a while; I've been diggin on '72-'74 crimso lately). The tune is in 4, but you conceivably count it two different ways:

    1. Right when the guitar comes in at the beginning, call that 1. If you count it this way, the bass comes in on 3. However...

    2. It feels more correct to treat the opening guitar riff as a partial bar of | rest, rest, 3, 4 |. If you count it this way (start on 3 when the guitar starts), the bass comes in on 1. But then again, Levin's first two notes sure feel like a 3, 4 pickup, which would bump you back up to option #1.

    Go figure, a KC tune that's a hard nut to crack. Either way should at least get you to come it at the correct spot. As for which is correct, I suppose that's more about how the song would be written out.
  4. ok that sounds like a good idea but....i DON'T KNOW HOW man ! :-b

    i have made a loop in GarageBand but damn, i can't seem to put my finger on the tempo ( beat ?.. ) of that guitar intro part - after the bass comes in, i play it all without a problem

    i could slap myself.....LOL...
  5. FretlessMainly


    Nov 17, 2010
    For the purposes of playing the bass part, it's in 4 just between quarter note = 120 bpm and 126 bpm (closer to 126). So, get your metronome, get used to the tempo and go over the intro as many times as you need. Don't listen to the guitar bit, which is off the beat rather than on it and sounds as if it is either in 6 or in 5. Other than triggering when to start counting, ignore the reality that the guitar part does not give you the four; just lock that 4 beat over it.

    If you start counting on 1, you come in on beats 3 and 4 of bar nine.

  6. i thought that was it but then i also thought : ''....nah, you're crazy, it can't possibly be !....''

    it even crossed my mind maybe one of my basses was gassing off some weird substance that was troubling me !?
    & yet........

    thanks you SO MUCH for confirming my sanity - even if frustration still lingers because of NOT being able to come in on time !!....LOL....

    but i'm definitely closer now
    cheers, many thanks ! ;-)