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  1. i need to know guitar theory, not classical or anything just guitar theory! my teacher takes ages to explain stuff so i wanna skip ahead, does anybody know any good sites to go to? im grade 5 so maybe grade 3 to grade 8 theory would be nice! thanks.
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    There's no 'guitar theory' - music theory applies to all music and all instruments.

    You might want to concentrate on basic chord changes like II-V-I, modes and the cycle of fifths. has some lessons to get you started.
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    The monthly magazine "Guitar World" has columns that explain theory and how to apply it to guitars. Kirk Hammet of Metallica, Dimebag Darrell or Pantera, John Petrucci of Dream Theater and Tony Rombola of Godsmack all explain theory in a way a fifth grader could probably comprehend. Plus, of course, none of them touch on classical theory...well maybe Petrucci sometimes...but then he'll quickly show you how to use it on your guitar.

    I'm not sure if you play guitar or bass guitar. If it is bass guitar you play, "Bass Player" magazine has article and columns (workshops) on theory and how to apply it specifically to bass guitar.

    Guitar World's web site has lessons with audio files so you can hear what is being taught. The web site also has a message board. so you can ask other guitarists your questions.
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    Also those Guitar World columns have Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Tom Morello.

    But lots of the times itll be one guy one month then some other then that same guy again, and so the process continues.
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    I would have thought that the "God of Bass" would be omniscient when it came to music theory? ;)
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    Another good place to look is here - it's a very good description of scales, which is a good thing to start off on. JMX is right, Libster is very good, as is
  7. im not in 8th grade, im 17 and im grade 5 standard in a series of exams called rockschool. just to clear that up!
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    Love ya FONZIE. Thanks for the plug!