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There are many "Great Bassist" but few will be "A GREAT"!

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by KELVIN F SIMS SR, Mar 27, 2015.



    Mar 19, 2015
    Recently, I ask you to name the 5 Greatest Bass Players of all time. Some over analyzed the task at hand. Art is in the eye of the beholder. The request was meant for one to give their opinion with the first choices that came in mind. I realized that very few would have the same list. I do want to thank all that replied because I was able to learn and appreciate a few new things. To me, there is a difference between being "Great" and "Being A GREAT"

    Anyway, I have decided to do a radio show about this very topic this Sunday, April 29th at 8PM Central time. I invite all of you to call in and participate in the discussion. The bottom line is that there are no "Wrong" or "Right" answers in my opinion, just some crazy ones...lol. Hopefully, we will all learn something new.

    You can listen Live on Sunday at http://mixlr.com/myrhythmnation.comor MyRadioNation.com. Please invite others!

    I love to have open and lively discussion that are insightful and respectful. Any questions let me know.


    Kelvin, Sr

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