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  1. Today, while I was having the brakes fixed on my car, I was witness to a quite horrible traffic accident. A lady in a small Civic T-boned by a large, crew-cab truck. When the paramedics took her away from the scene she was still unconcious.

    She had been talking on her cell phone, and had crossed RIGHT in front of the truck. It was WAY to obvious for her to have not seen it. When the truck hit her it must have been doing 50 (the speed limit, by the way) in the outside lane. She turned across 2 lanes of traffic to get hit.


    It WILL get you hurt!! Fortunatley both the firestation and the police station were close by, so the paramedics were one scene in minutes. The people in the truck were okay, mostly cause of the size of their truck.

    But let this be a lesson!! Hang up and drive!!

    Rock on
  2. Dave Castelo

    Dave Castelo

    Apr 19, 2000
    hear hear
  3. Wrong Robot

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    Apr 8, 2002
    My brother has a couple primary interests.

    1. he loves cars and motorcycles and driving

    2. he loves cell phones.

    how do these go together?

    they don't, whenever he gets a call, he pulls over to take it, he doesn't mind if it delays him, if he can't be delayed he tells the person he'll call them back ASAP, and he always keeps his word.
  4. Thats a bummer. Havent you been witness to a few horrific accidents? Or is that someone else here?


  5. this reminds me of a song.

    Norma Jean - I Used to hate cell phones , now I hate car accidents.

    I hate cell phones. One time,I had to call my mom on one to pick me up...I felt so weird and cheesy.:meh:

  6. P. Aaron

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    One should learn how to negotiate auto traffic by riding a bicycle through it for a few years first.

    You survive, you get an automobile license.

  7. Lesson here? Be more like his brother :D