these past few weeks for me as a musician have been weird

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  1. ....So the other day me and the lead guitarist of my band (now ex-band) are talking to each other on AIM. We get into an argument and decide for the band just to break up.

    Since I know of no other bands for me to join with me on bass, i decided to start a band with me on guitar, since i know another bassist and a drummer. (Note: Yes bass is my main instrument, I've been playing bass a lot longer than the guitar)

    Then I get a call from my old drummer. His new band is working out ok but he says he wants me to play lead guitar for his band cause he knows i also play guitar and they need another guitarist.

    So now here i am playing guitar in 2 bands and im not in any bands with me on bass. That means i actually have to practice with me on guitar and i have less time to play my bass. and until i can find another band or get the old band back together i wont be playing bass in a band for a while.
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    Oct 4, 2000
    Funny thing you'r going though man. The opposite happened to me. I was trying to play guitar in a band until I figured out bassists were much more in demand here and I have done well on bass. What you need to do is either

    a) get the old band back together. i mean, how much irreversible damage could have possibly been done. i am assuming you are all kids in high school, right.

    b) see if one of the bassists in your other 2 bands wants to/is able to switch to guitar.

    c) find a totally new band with you on bass

    d) find a new guitarist and get the old band back together

    e) you'll think of something man, good luck
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    JR, I'm sickened.

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    I cast you from my sight heathen! How dare you besmirch TB like this?! Blasphemer!:D:D

    Could be worse...could be a drummer!;):D
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    IMHO keep the one you have formed and be non commital to the other one. Try to find a band that needs a bass player.

    If you are a bassisst at heart then you need to play bass. However it is good to lead a band.

    BTW I play bass for a local church and run my own normal band from guitar(when I say run I mean badly, we have not rehearsed yet).